Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

This year, I am blessed beyond measure... times three!!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day and may God bless all you special mommas out there, who daily pour endless time, energy, prayers, love, and patience into the training of your children. Being a mom, especially a mom of young kiddos, is no easy task and my hat's off to you!

Ella's a rockstar!!

Ella celebrated her sixth birthday in pure rock star style over the weekend! We figured a rock star theme was only appropriate for a little girl who spends her days with a microphone in her hand, dancing and singing along to Hannah Montana!
Ella walked around making sure everything was just perfect before the party guests arrived. Lights- check! Microphones- check! Blow-up guitars- check! Dance music- check! Rock star attire- check!!
Rock star party snacks got her approval, too!
 The girls spent a few minutes getting glammed up with make-up, dance skirts, and sunglasses.
 First order of business- a fashion show to see each girl strut her stuff. This is such a fun age and these girls were such a riot! I'm not sure who was enjoying themselves more- them or me!!
 After a few dancing games, we played musical chairs. Of course, Cade was right in the middle of all those girls (where I'm pretty sure he'll be all his life- and eventually grow to love it! haha!).
 The limbo
 And more dancing!
 All that jumping and dancing sure works up an appetite! These rock stars were more than ready for some snacks!
 Candles for the birthday girl
 Happy birthday to you!!
 Ella and her birthday treats (looks healthy, huh? Fill 'em up with sugar, then send 'em home, right?!)
 Daddy got in on the rock star spirit, too! I love this picture because of the way Ella is covering her mouth with her hand- she thinks it's funny, but it's a little embarrassing, too! Get used to it, Sister!!
 Crazy girl!
 The party ended with more dancing, some karaoke, and picture taking. Fun, fun, fun!!
 Strike a pose, Ladies!!
We had such a blast at that party and Ella can't stop watching the video. Success!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I love watching Harper as she explores the world around her. She's especially curious about this mysterious stuff called grass.

I remember watching another little gal discover her world in the same way just five short years ago.
Today I am thankful for these tender, little moments with my babies. What sweet memories they make.