Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hugs for the baby

Ella ran up to me the other day and gave me the biggest, tightest hug around my middle. I said, "Wow, thanks, Ella! That was so nice!" She looked up, frowned, and said, "But, Mom, I wasn't hugging you, I was hugging my baby sister!" =)

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Ella and Cade woke up Sunday morning to some very special surprises outside the front door- Wow, the Easter Bunny came to visit us!! Ella was so excited to see a new gown (her clothing of choice these days) and Cade couldn't believe all the candy (or the fact that we were letting him eat it =)! A big box of Nerds! Cade got some new jammies, too! "See?" And some big boy underwear! He was SO proud of this! The rain stopped just long enough that they were able to run around the yard and collect Easter eggs. Ella's first one- Cade didn't waste any time finding some! Happy girl! Ella was being such a good big sis- instead of taking them all for herself, she kept pointing them out to Cade and letting him put them in his basket.
Cade stopped and ate a few pieces of candy out of every egg he found! ha!
What a great start to the day!
They sat inside, comparing their loot, and stuffing their mouths! I'm not sure how they didn't end up with tummy aches! The kiddos and I had made homemade cinnamon rolls on Friday to bake for breakfast Easter morning, but they were too full on candy to eat any!
Dressed up and ready for church. They looked so sweet! (And guess what lucky, little baby has a yellow flowered dress to match her big sis?! =) A family Easter shot. It was a great Easter morning. I'm so glad I stayed up instead of going to bed after work- I was so blessed by going to church with my family. We had talked a lot through the week about what Easter truly means, that it's not really about the Easter bunny and candy, but about Jesus dying on the cross to give us hope. Ella is starting to understand and that warms my heart. She ran out of her church class to show us the craft she had made. It was a representation of the empty tomb and Ella said, "Look, Mom, it's empty, because Jesus is alive!" I was thankful for so many moments that day, but that was definitely a highlight.

Chris and the kids had a great rest of the day, too. Papaw and Mamaw came up early to go to church, eat lunch, and hang out for a while. And, of course, they brought more Easter goodies with them... And there were a few tears on Easter, too (isn't this picture such a classic? haha!)... Pap and Gram showed up a little later, bringing with them a new bike for Cade! Dad found this at a yard sale and Cade thinks it's great! Now he's a happy boy! And because it was Easter, they didn't let a little rain keep them from playing outside. Ella said, "You just stick your rain boots on and you're good to go!" =) Hope your Easter Sunday was just as special!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pearly whites

This little gal had a perfect check-up at the dentist today!
She came home so excited and couldn't wait to brush her teeth using her new toothbrush and timer. Way to go, Ella! We love those pearly whites!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skinny boy

Seriously, does anybody feed this skinny boy?! He is such a lanky, little thing! I was going through his clothes from last summer, and, lucky for us, almost all of his 9-12 months shorts still fit! You would think by looking at him that he never eats, but the truth is, he hardly ever stops eating! "Grrr, musses (muscles)!" =)There is not much Lawyer in his little body- he definitely has a Davidson physique! By the way, don't you think his new haircut makes him look like his big cousin Payton more than ever?!

Cade at 2 years

Some things I want to remember about our lovable, little boy at 2 years old-

-He gives the biggest and wettest kisses first thing in the morning. He grabs my face between his two hands, turns me to him, and goes right to the mouth! Afterwards, he just giggles. I love it!
-When you say, "Cade, let me see your muscles," he flexes those (tiny) arms, growls, and says, "Musses!" It's adorable. =)
-He asks for candy every morning after breakfast. He knows where the candy jar is and, every morning after I wash him up, he walks to it, points, and says, "Tandy?" with these big, bright eyes and a sly, little grin on his face. When I say no, he puckers his lips, hangs his head, and walks away. This is every, single morning! It's just so comical to me, because everyday he has renewed hope that I'm going to say yes (and don't worry, I'm not that mean- occasionally I do)!
-Spotting "moo-moos", "horseys", and "deep" (sheep) out the window while driving is a pretty big deal.
-When I ask him if he wants to do something, he usually answers, "Ummm... sir!" (sure)
-Everytime we see a blue car, he gasps, points, and says, "Mom, Mom- it's Dada!"
-Every night when we put him in bed, he says, "AB's", so we sing ABC's. Then he says, "Stars", so we sing Twinkle, Twinkle. Then he says, "Bible", so we sing Jesus Loves Me. After this he usually tries to talk us into "AB's" again. This always makes us smile, because it's so predictable.
-He knows blue, orange, green, star, heart, circle, square, zero, one, two, and most all his body parts by name. He recognizes many other colors, shapes, and numbers when we ask him to point them out in a picture, but isn't quite able to name them (yet!).
-When he doesn't get his way, he says, "Why?!" He has this whiny way of saying it that makes it sound like a three syllable word, like why-ee-uh?
-If we would let him, he would eat nothing but corn, olives, pickles, and berries (of any kind) for every meal. If any of those things are on the table, we have to hide them until he eats his other food, or he will refuse to eat anything else.
-He enjoys reading seek-and-find books and impresses us with how quickly he's able to find the objects in the pictures- sometimes before Big Sis!
-He loves popsicles, especially in the bath. He gets so excited, claps his little hands, and says, "Ewwa, Ewwa (Ella)- popsels in baf! Yay!"
-He gets no and yes mixed up most of the time. Some other cute things he says, "Oh, neat!", "Toooool!" (cool), "Hup you, Momma?" (help you), "I hugs" when he wants a hug, and, of course, his all-time favorite- "I do it!" =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great American Ball Park

Yesterday was beautiful! It was a rare day in that neither Chris nor I had to work and we didn't have a darn thing to do after church. We decided it was the perfect day for a ballgame, so we packed up the kiddos and headed to the Great American Ball Park. Chris has been to a few Reds' games, but I've never been and have really been wanting to go. Ella and Cade weren't sure what it was all about, but we were all so excited! The fireworks outside the stadium caught Ella a little offguard! She covered her ears and said, "What in the world?!" haha!
Look at the excitement on that face! So cute!
Me and my little gal...
View from our seats...
It didn't take the kiddos long to get into the mood and start cheering!The camera was just snapping away- they were just so adorable standing there clapping! Cade kept yelling, "Go, Reds! Play baseball!" Precious!Having fun, Buddy?And what is a baseball game without some snacks?! There were peanuts...
And cotton candy...
And a lemon chill...
And lots and lots of pop!
Love this one! Look at him cheering his little heart out!
He was enjoying himself so much!
Love that hat on backwards- just like Daddy!
Since yesterday was family fun day at the park, the kiddos got to run the bases after the game. Ella saw some other kids doing it and convinced us to wait in the loooong line...
Finally her turn! Go, Ella!
Little Buddy wasn't too far behind! Go, Cade!
Our best attempt at a family pic!
They received honorary contracts for running the bases so fast! They were very proud! =)
Posing by Joe Nuxhall outside the stadium...
And once we were in the truck, it didn't take long for this to happen...
Big Sis was out, too!
What a great day! My only wish- that our day together could have lasted just a little longer! I love special days with my family!

26 weeks

Wow! This pregnancy is moving right along! I remember at the beginning of the year feeling like July was so far away and I had all the time in the world to get prepared for this baby. Now that it's already the middle of April, I'm kind of in shock at how soon our sweet baby girl will be here!
I still feel great and am staying pretty active. I get kind of achy after the long hours at work, but that goes with the territory, I guess. At my appointment last week, the baby measured exactly at 26 weeks. Heart rate was 150. I failed my glucose screening, so I get to go sit for the three hour test. I did the same thing with Cade and everything came back fine. I'm hoping it's the same this time around, too. The doctor did tell me, "Well, you are getting older and your risk for gestational diabetes increases with each pregnancy and with age..." What?! Is 31 considered older these days?! Chris and I got a laugh out of that.
Ella and Cade are getting excited, too. Ella talks about her baby sister all the time and about all the things she's going to do with her. Cade still loves to sing to my belly button and blow raspberries on my stomach. It's going to be so fun to see how they interact with her.
We have names narrowed down, too, but nothing is set in stone. We like the idea of a two syllable name that ends in "a" to go along with Ella, but are having a hard time finding one we just love. If you think of any good ones- send them our way! Ella and Cade's middle names are both family names- Grace was my dad's mom and Marion was Chris' dad's dad- and we'd like to carry on that traditional as well. Ella is doing her best to help us. She thinks of new names all the time. Her favorite this week is Riley and she wants her middle name to be Grace so they match. =) She's a sweetie.
I go back to the doctor at 29 weeks. Since the docs think Cade had IUGR, they'll start watching me a little closer at this point. I'll have another ultrasound then to make sure everything looks good. Until then...