Friday, February 18, 2011

Lil' handyman

The highlight of doing housework =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby belly

Yep, it's there! My baby belly at 18 weeks. "Hi, Baby! I Tade! Duv do!" (I Cade! Love you!)
This little boy is pretty much the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
This pregnancy is flying by! As awful as it sounds, I honestly get so busy sometimes that I forget I'm even pregnant. I feel good. Tired, but good. This pregnancy reminds me so much of my pregnancy with Ella- nausea that lasts all day, cravings for all things citrus, the way my body is changing. I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday and everything looks great. The baby's heart sounds so steady and strong. I get tears in my eyes every single time I hear that precious heartbeat! We have an ultrasound scheduled in two weeks. We're still not 100% sure of our dates. I'm measuring about 18 weeks, and we think that's about right, but I'm looking forward to having a more definitive due date. We also have two weeks to hash out our decision about finding out the gender. Chris absolutely wants to find out, while I want to wait and be surprised. We shall see... I know July is going to be here before we know it!

Seven great years

Chris and I celebrated seven wonderful years of marriage on Monday. I can't believe it's been that long- I remember that day like it was yesterday! And in seven short years, our family has gone from this...To this...I love this man so much! He is just so caring and giving and thoughtful. He does all these little things to make my life better and easier. He makes me sweet tea, warms up my truck when it's cold, irons my scrubs before work. I could go on and on. All these sweet things just to show how much he cares. I remember having a conversation with my dad just a few days before Chris and I got married. He told me that all a dad ever wants for his daughter is to be taken care of, to be treated well, and to be happy. He said he had absolutely no doubt that with Chris as my husband, I would be all three. And he was so, so right. I am a very lucky woman.
Happy Anniversary, Baby! Here's to many, many more happy years together!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

There was lots of love swirling around here on Valentine's Day. Ella and Cade were so very excited to wake up to special balloons. I'm pretty sure there is nothing more fun for a little guy than his very own balloon. This kept him entertained forever!
Ella has been on a Charlie Brown kick lately, so she was loving her huge Snoopy and Lucy balloon!
Then they opened some Valentine goody bags. Cade got his favorite M&Ms!
I said, "Cade, will you be my Valentine?" He thought for a moment and said, "No, I wanna play!" haha! That valentine stuff didn't sound as much fun! Little cutie!
Later that afternoon, my sweetheart walked in with this...
He's just the greatest! Ella said, "Daddy, you got me flowers?!!" haha! She was SO excited! Cade got some candy from Daddy, too!
Ella opened a very sweet puppy card...
And then she couldn't wait to give Daddy the special card she made just for him (Cade made Daddy a card, too, but no way was he going to pose for a picture when there was candy to be had!).
Later that night, we lined up all our valentines in front of Ella's (& Mommy's =) gorgeous flowers. Say Love you, Valentine!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

"It's gonna be crazy!"

When I picked Ella up at preschool yesterday, her teachers congratulated me and said Ella had told the class that her mommy was going to have a baby. They also went on to tell me that she said, "My mommy's going to have three babies- me, Cade, and the new baby. I don't know what she's gonna do! It's gonna be crazy!" haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence, E!

In the spirit of love

We are having so much fun getting ready for Valentine's Day! It's a pretty big deal around here, because it's our anniversary, too! We've been decorating and crafting and making all kinds of sweet treats. Ella has a party coming up at preschool and she has been working very hard on her valentines. She handpicked one for each child and then took her time writing their names on them. This one is for her best buddy, Mia.
We've been practicing doing kind things for each other to show that we care. We wanted to do something nice for Daddy, so we decided to make him a favorite sweet treat- chocolate-covered strawberries!! We covered some pretzels and peanuts, too.
I didn't get too many pictures of the process, because it got a little messy (if you can imagine!). I'm pretty sure Ella ate more of everything than she covered!
She wanted a picture with all the finished treats. As I was about to take the picture, she said, "Wait, Mom, let me wipe all the chocolate off my face. I don't want everybody to know I was eating them!" haha! Look at the corner of her mouth- you didn't get rid of all the evidence, E!
She was SO excited to give her daddy his special surprise! She made him close his eyes and said, "These are just for you, Daddy, because we love you sooo much!"
We couldn't wait to try them out! Look at Ella's face in the background, eyes closed and all! haha!
For a little girl who's usually not too fond of strawberries, she sure loved these! She couldn't get enough!
Chris said, "Wait, I thought you said these were just for me!"
Ella's reply: "But, Dad, you have to share. These are for you, because we love you, but you love us, too, so you have to share." haha! I guess we can't argue with that logic!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So sorry, Buddy!

When you have a big sister, things like this are bound to happen! (Just ask Uncle Jared! haha!)

Ice cream

...being enjoyed the way it should be!! Yum!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What we've been up to

Wow, we have been busy lately! I've not had much time to blog, and there's a whole lot going on around here, so here's an update on all of us. Brace yourself, because this is kinda long! =)
Mr. Cade- This little man is 22 months and growing, growing, growing! Well, maybe not so much physically, he's still as little as ever, but he has this huge personality to make up for it. He is learning so fast and surprises us every single day. His vocabulary has really taken off in the last month. He's at that fun age where he tries to repeat every word and gesture we say. The first thing out of his mouth almost every morning is, "Where's Ebba?" He thinks Ella hung the moon and wants to be where she is, doing what she is doing. He loves cars, trucks, anything fast. He enjoys throwing any kind of ball around, and though he knows the difference between a baseball, basketball, soccer ball, etc, he thinks a football is called a "Cowboys!" He walks all over this house, yelling, "Go, Cowboys!" and everytime he sees a football game on TV, he squeals and says, "Go, Cowboys!" You can imagine his daddy's delight. It is too much! He is so busy and always into something; throwing things in the toilet and hiding Ella's most prized possessions are two of his favorite pastimes. He loves adventure and danger and thinks nothing of leaping off the top stair or the back of the couch. We have to keep a careful eye on him. For all his wildness though, he is such a little cuddlebug and pretty possessive of his momma's lap. And he will give hugs, kisses, and say "duv do" (love you) all day long. Chris and I crack up at bedtime, because once Ella and Cade are in their beds, they will spend five minutes calling out to each other- "Love you, Cade!", "Duv do, Ebba!" then "Night, night, Cade!", "Ni-Ni, Ebba!" It's straight out of the Walton's, but it's pretty adorable. We are crazy about the little guy and cannot believe he will be turning two in two short months!
Miss Ella- Our little diva is still spirited and determined as ever, yet we have seen so much change in her in the last couple months. I feel like she is finally growing out of the defiant toddler stage (yes, it lasted a long time for her!) and becoming an obedient and respectful, little girl. We have been talking a lot lately about how God wants us to have a right response and a cheerful heart, even when we don't want to do something. It makes us proud when we see her struggle with a decision, and then choose to obey. She loves helping out with small jobs around the house, especially in the kitchen. She has told us repeatedly that she wants to be a "cooker" when she grows up and open her own restaurant. She really gives it a lot of thought, coming up with names for it and all kinds of different menu items. Then, in her next breath, she will say, "Well, I want to be a cooker, but maybe I'll be a doctor or dancer, too." She takes her job as Big Sis very seriously and enjoys teaching Bubby everything she knows. And though she and Cade have their moments, for the most part, she is very nurturing and patient with him. She loves preschool and is so excited to start kindergarten in the fall. She is just a little sponge when it comes to learning anything new and she is ready, even though it makes us a little sad to realize she is growing up so fast. She told me the other day, "Mom, I don't want Cade to turn two. I just want him to stay one forever!" I said, "Well, I don't want you to turn five. I want you to stay four forever!" She laughed and said, "Mom, I can't do that! You know I have to grow up. There are all kinds of things I have to do." And I'm sure she is right. I know God has big plans for this thoughtful, little girl with an iron will and a heart that wants to please.
Chris- I've said it before and I'll say it forever- my husband is the hardest working man I know. And as of last week, his hard work has finally paid off. I'm excited to say that Chris is now the official plant manager of the Cincinnati Sonoco plant. YAAAYY! We are pretty thrilled. This is what he has been working so hard for for the last nine years. And though he still has a few rough months ahead of him, especially until he hires the replacement for his previous job, we're hopeful that things will eventually slow down and he may have a little more time at home. I'm looking forward to that time and am just so proud of him! Our minds are a little more at peace, too, because now we know we are staying put and won't be moving anytime soon, at least not for a few years. That is such a nice feeling.
Me- Still loving being a mommy and watching these little kiddos grow and change every day. Yes, they test me, they challenge me, but they make me laugh all the time, and I find that I'm constantly learning new things about myself. I feel very blessed to have a job that allows me to stay home with my kids through the week. However, I don't want to do what I'm doing forever. I understand how nurses get burned out, and, physically and emotionally, I'm ready for a change. I've applied to the FNP program at University of Cincinnati and am anxiously waiting to hear back. If I'm accepted, I will start in January of next year and finish in 24 months. I've given it a lot of prayerful thought, and though it would be a lot of work, I think it's the right step for me and for us. I think I would love it and and it will open a lot of doors, plus, once I'm finished, I would have a "regular schedule". We'd have more time to travel and see family, our kids could be involved in things on the weekends, we'd have more holidays together- all things we want for our family in the future. So keep your fingers crossed for me!
All this being said, 2011 will be a busy year for us. Chris' new job, Ella starting kindergarten, me preparing for grad school. Did I mention that we're expecting a NEW BABY?!! Ella and Cade will have a new little brother or sister in July. We're almost four months along. We're super excited, so very thankful, a little overwhelmed. Our little surprise blessing. We know God already holds the plans for this little life in His hands, and trust that His timing is perfect. Our families are thrilled. Ella is happy and wishes she didn't have to wait so long to meet him/her. Cade doesn't really know, but he loves on my tummy and yells, "Hi, Baby!" into my belly button all the same. Makes my heart melt. So we are looking happily toward the future. It's going to be a full and exciting year!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boys vs. girls

Tonight as we were driving out of a slick parking lot, Chris pressed hard on the gas, revved the engine, and spun the truck around (I told you he loves driving in this weather).
Ella: Daddy, stop! Don't do that again! It's dangerous.
Cade: Again, Dadda! Pleeeease!!
Chris didn't need much egging on, so, of course, he did it again.
Ella: I said stop it, Daddy! You're going to have an accident. You're supposed to drive safe.
Cade: Dadda, do again! Pleeease, Dadda! Again!

haha! They are hilarious! It's so fun having one of each.

Day out with Daddy

Ella and Cade had a special day with Daddy this weekend while I was working. I am so thankful for a husband that will take my kids to church, out to lunch, and to do fun things all on his own and not give it a second thought. I think having time with just their dad is so important and I know it means so much to all of them. On Sunday afternoon, they headed to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. Ella was so full of stories about the day and couldn't wait to show me pictures of all the fun they had.
"See, Mom, I built a tall, tall tower!"

Chris said they were just having a ball and could have spent hours at the water tables. They both ended up completely soaked.

Exploring the treehouse. Ella declared this her favorite place in all of the museum.
Checking out the turtles...

Ella was very excited about the pictures from the ball room, "There are balls everywhere! And see this little bicycle? When you pedal, it makes the fan go. I loved it!"
"You have to watch out, because when the bell rings, all the balls fall down and you have to run and catch them!"
Trying out the treadmill...
Climbing the rock wall. Ella said, "You have to be really strong to do that!"

They stopped for some ice cream before they left. No way could Daddy say no to that!
Chris said Cade climbed into the stroller and was asleep before they finished their ice cream. That's definitely not like him!! All that playing must have tuckered him out!