Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pleasure meeting you, Baby! I'm Harper...

Taste of summer

We have certainly been enjoying the beautiful weather the last few days! We've been taking long walks, visiting the playground, riding bikes, and having a blast in our own backyard. There is nothing better to these kiddos than getting pushed on the swing by Daddy. I lose count of how many times I hear, "Higher, Daddy, higher!"
Crazy Cade wanted to run around outside in his socks.
Outside + family time = happy Ella
Practicing some new tricks. Love our wild boy!
Even Harper took a turn on the glider. She was so excited and kicking those little legs so much it was hard to keep a hold of her! Pretty sure she loved it!!
And Harper was NOT ready to go in at dark. Mean ol' Mommy always has to ruin the fun!! ha!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring break in the 'Nati

Uncle Jared came to spend several days with us over his spring break- we were feeling pretty privileged (and pretty cool! ha!). It is constant comedy when he is here! It was fun to have someone to run around with while Chris was at work, plus he really helped me out by keeping an eye on the kiddos so I could finish up on this quarter's school work. We'd love to have him around more often and are trying to talk him into looking for his first "grown up job" somewhere in this area. Here's to hoping!

Miss Harper

I can't believe how big our baby girl is getting! Yesterday at church, there was a 2 1/2 week old baby sitting in front of us, and I couldn't get over how tiny she was. It doesn't feel like it's been any time since Harper was that small! ~tear~
I've been cracking up, because all these other babies around Harper's age were sitting and almost crawling, while she was just happy as can be to lay and watch and let everyone come to her. Last week, she finally decided to get on it and started sitting up. One day, she could only sit for thirty seconds and two days later she was sitting for almost thirty minutes. Now, sitting on her blanket surrounded by her toys is one of her favorite things to do.
And I love it, because she just sits and can't go anywhere! ha! But, wouldn't you know, she's also starting to pick that belly up off the floor when she's on all fours. Things are about to get a whole lot busier around here!
Love those little piggies!
She has this habit of scrunching her nose when she giggles and it's so adorable! And look closely at that mouth- there's a tooth and another on the way!
Happy, little girlHarper Noelle, every single day is brighter just because you're in it!!

Practice makes perfect?

After a month of tackling the basics of potty training, we don't seem to be any closer to our goal of having only one kid in diapers. While Cade loves his big boy undies (and looks so stinkin' cute in them!), he just doesn't seem to mind walking around with them soaking wet! I'm kind of at a loss, because Ella hated that and was trained in just a few days once I started leaving her in panties all the time. So, I finally told him that he was going to have to wear diapers until he decided he wanted to start using the potty. He thought for a minute and said, "Okay, I wear diapers when I'm two, then when I'm three- I wear underwear!" So, I guess that's that!
Countdown is on, Buddy! You've got two more weeks!!

Turning the big 33

March is a month for birthdays around here! Chris turned 33 on the 4th. We had two sick kiddos at the time, so we had to keep it fairly low-key, but we sure had fun celebrating Daddy anyways! Ella helped me make lasagna and an Oreo cheesecake for dessert, which are two of Chris' favorites. All Cade cared about and could talk about was giving Chris his presents. And there are absolutely no secrets in this house- Cade told Chris what his presents were about fifty times before he actually opened them! High five for not keeping secrets, Buddy! Mmmm...
Daddy and his buddies Chris opened Cade's card first. Cade picked it out himself, was so proud, and couldn't wait to for Daddy to see it. Then, on the night before Chris' birthday, Cade got upset, decided "the monkey card too grosso", and wanted to get a new card. Oh, the drama! I finally convinced him that Daddy was going to think it was great and so we gave it to him.
"Look, Dad, the monkey picking nose!"- complete with a demonstration! haha! This boy is too much! Just like we thought, Daddy loved it!
Then Ella and Harper gave Daddy their card telling him 26 reasons why he was so great.
Then on to the gifts! Ella and Cade were very specific about what they wanted to give Chris this year- "smell good" (cologne), socks, and gummy worms. Cade was most excited about the last part!
Big hugs for Daddy!!
My kids and I are so blessed to have Chris in our lives. Let me tell you a little story about why I love this man so much. We were out to breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and the waitress was really struggling with service that morning. We waited almost twenty minutes for drinks, then when she brought out the food, she realized she forgot to ring in my order. Now, I have been there, done that. I waited tables all through college and am usually the last one to complain when we are out to eat. That morning, however, was a bit ridiculous. The kids were pretty much finished by the time I got my food, and our nice, peaceful breakfast ended up lasting almost two hours (and those of you who have been out to eat with three little ones know things don't stay that nice and peaceful for that long!). I wanted to speak with the manager, but Chris stopped me, paid the bill, tipped the waitress well, and guided me out of the restaurant. When I questioned him, he said, "Loving people the way God wants us to doesn't mean complaining and always pointing out what they've done wrong. She knew she messed up and talking to the manager wouldn't have made her day any better." Yep, I'm pretty certain I needed that reminder that morning, that we're all in need of God's grace. I love him for making me want to be a better person. And I'm so thankful my kids have this kind-hearted, thoughtful man as a father and role model.
Happy 33rd birthday, Daddy!! We love you so much!