Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taste of summer

We have certainly been enjoying the beautiful weather the last few days! We've been taking long walks, visiting the playground, riding bikes, and having a blast in our own backyard. There is nothing better to these kiddos than getting pushed on the swing by Daddy. I lose count of how many times I hear, "Higher, Daddy, higher!"
Crazy Cade wanted to run around outside in his socks.
Outside + family time = happy Ella
Practicing some new tricks. Love our wild boy!
Even Harper took a turn on the glider. She was so excited and kicking those little legs so much it was hard to keep a hold of her! Pretty sure she loved it!!
And Harper was NOT ready to go in at dark. Mean ol' Mommy always has to ruin the fun!! ha!

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The McAfee's said...

OH MY! That face is so stinki' CUTE!! You mean MOM! ha! :)