Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Ella and Laila were up early Easter morning to try to spot the Easter bunny. Lo and behold, he had already come and gone while they were sleeping, leaving behind some of their favorite goodies.
 Cade was up next and all smiles
 Our lil' sleeping beauty finally came down the stairs and joined the fun. Can't you hear her saying, "Ooooohh!" ♥
 We tried for a few pictures of the kids in their Easter best before church, but they had another thing in mind. I love this picture of Harper peeking out from behind Ella, hiding her giggles with her little fingers. SO cute!
 Beautiful babies
 So after church, we decided to try again. 
Ella was trying to stand still and smile, but everyone else was doing their own thing. I was cracking up going through these pictures. Pure chaos!
 Love it!
 Easter family photo (note Cade growling at Uncle Chad! ha!)
What a great weekend! I am so thankful for two whole days to spend with family and friends, enjoying each other and celebrating birthdays. I am thankful that my kiddos, while still enjoying all the worldly Easter fun, understand that Easter is when Jesus died on the cross and, as Cade says with his little arms over his head, "He saved the WHOLE world." I am thankful that Ella is not afraid to share her faith and the message of Easter with her friends, as I overheard her doing this week. I am so thankful for an inspiring church home and a wonderful place to worship Easter Sunday. Most of all, I am so thankful for my Jesus who loves me in spite of myself. Blessed indeed!

Egg hunt

 Once the adults kiddos recovered from the birthday party, we rounded everyone up for an egg hunt. It was chilly, but we were excited!!
 Laila made sure to let us know this was not her first egg hunt and she was an old pro at this stuff. =)
 Cade and his loot
 Excited Ella
 Ty had two eggs and he was content. Such a sweet boy!
 Ever the helpful big brother, Cade alerted Harper to another stash of eggs and even left one for her! ha!
 Since when did she get big enough to hunt Easter eggs all on her own?! ~tear~
 Everyone say Easter!
 And I had to throw this one on here- not too long after his egg hunt, our exhausted birthday boy was out like a light. What a fun-filled day!

Happy 4th birthday to our little man!

 Cade turned FOUR on Saturday!! Happy birthday, Little Man! He started the day off right sharing a birthday donut with his cousins!
 We planned a birthday brunch complete with a Mario Kart theme. I was having major mommy guilt because there were so many other things I had hoped to do, but just ran out of time. The best thing though- Cade didn't know the difference and thought everything was perfect! ♥
 The cake was adorable!
 The birthday boy and his big sis
 Harper couldn't keep her hands off "baby" Ty
 The kiddos burned off their brunch with some outside play.
 My handsome boy
 Pinata fun was up next. Cade took a turn first.
 Ella hung with her BFF, Kylie
 Ella's turn
 Even Harper gave it a whack!
 We missed having Payton there- he is usually the one who hits it hard enough to open it! After a few rounds with the bat, we resorted to pulling strings and voila! Candy!
 Opening gifts. Ella couldn't wait to give Cade what she picked out- Wreck It Ralph and Madagascar 3. He was thrilled!
 Mamaw and Papaw gave Cade his very own left-handed junior golf clubs. Awesome! Daddy is pretty excited about this present, too!
 New games and a basketball from Grammy and Papaw
 New cowboy boots from Jason, Carla, & fam. Cade can't wait to be like his best bud, Carson!
 Of course, he put them on right away. Lookin' good, Pal!
 A new fishing pole and all the goodies from Mom and Dad!
 He also got some new clothes, a fire truck, and $$- thanks, Everyone, for such nice gifts!
Family birthday photo
Happy birthday, Cade!

To our sweet boy- Mommy and Daddy love you so very much and are so proud of the kind, thoughtful, and loving boy you are growing to be! We hope your 4th birthday was wonderful! ♥

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter fun

 We made some Easter goodies in preparation for the weekend. These little bird nests were so cute and easy to make. Ella and Cade had fun making them and Harper couldn't have been happier since she had an entire bag of jellybeans at her fingertips. Love her cheesy grin!
 On to the Easter eggs! We did glitter eggs this year which turned out so pretty.
I didn't take many pictures- all that glitter and dye in my kitchen required more than one-handed attention! Plus a certain little boy loves to make everything splash! ha!
I was surprised by how much Ella and Cade enjoyed eating those eggs the next day- they peeled and ate them for breakfast and lunch!

My birthday

We celebrated my 33rd (?!) birthday this week. 33 sounds so grown up and I do not feel that way! ha! It was a busy, busy day, but Chris and the kiddos still made it special for me. They gave me flowers, took me to dinner, and gave me some thoughtful gifts- including a new MK handbag Ella thought I needed (good thinking, El!). 
 So thankful for my sweet family that takes such good care of me.
I'm excited to see what 33 has in store!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My cup runneth over...

Just a girl and her babies

 My little gal sure loves her babies. I could sit and watch her play mommy all day.  
 ♥ ♥

She knows her babies need lots of kisses to grow and she likes to share the love. Whenever we see a baby out somewhere, she'll say, "Here, Baby! Kiss! Kiss!" and she'll smack those little lips. Too cute!