Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye, bye training wheels!

Ella hit a milestone yesterday- she learned to ride her bike without training wheels! Wow! Kind of puts it right there in our face how big she is getting! Chris and I were cleaning out the garage, and out of the blue, Ella asked if we could take her training wheels off. Uh, yeah!! Chris and I were probably more excited than she was. We had asked her a few times over the summer if she wanted to, and she always said, "No, not yet." I guess she just felt ready yesterday. Chris grabbed his tools and had those wheels off in no time. I think he was afraid she would change her mind! Getting the feel for it... She took a few practice runs on the sidewalk... And then she was off! Way to go, Ella! She rode all afternoon, and by evening, she was taking off, turning around, and even riding in the grass like a champ. She picked it up so quickly! We knew she would, but I think she surprised herself. She was so proud of her hard work, and I love that she learned that lesson in such a fun way. I don't think she stopped smiling all night. =)
Here's a video of our big girl riding almost the whole block. So proud of her!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The best medicine

One of the (million) things I love most about Harper is the look of anticipation that is almost always present on her face, like she's just ready and waiting for the next big laugh.
You got any jokes, Mommy? You're right, that is funny! She does my heart so much good!

Attention, Ladies! He's a keeper!

I think there's something so sweet about the fact that the same little boy who is crazy about fast cars and monster trucks... ...also worries about taking good care of a baby doll. He's a great big brother and is going to be a wonderful daddy someday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neiderman Farm 2011

Sunday was farm day!! Ella looks forward to our annual trip to Neiderman Farm all year. In the last three years, the activities at the farm have grown so much. The first year we went it was pretty much just animals and the pumpkin patch. Last year, there was a playground and a few more activities for the kids. This year, there were even more activities and carnival rides. It was so fun! Our animal lovers chose to feed the animals first. Here they are feeding the goats with Daddy... Picture with the goats. Cade kept saying, "See, Momma, see? He's wookin' at me!" Feeding the sheep Checking out the little piggies. Cade said, "Mmm, smell dood!" haha! He's got country in his blood! Stopping to pet the cow... Harper was content to hang out with me and I sure didn't mind having her sweet, sleeping face on my chest. =) Ella in the playhouse Cade on top of the ark. Look at that blue sky- such a perfect day to spend outside! One happy girl Then we were off to the pumpkin patch. Pap would have been proud of the way Ella and Cade couldn't take their eyes off the tractor. =)Cade said the whole time that he wanted a "wittle" pumpkin. He couldn't help but squeal when he found this itty bitty one right away. Harper rested on Daddy's shoulder.Taking a break in the pumpkin patch. Love these cute kiddos! Ella searched and searched and finally found her perfect pumpkin. Chris tried to help her carry it, but she insisted on hauling it herself. Riding back to the farm... Harper enjoyed the breeze on her face. =) Showing off her loot! Love this one! There's just something about a little boy and his tractors. =) I left the camera in the car after we picked pumpkins, but we stopped to share a homemade donut and apple cider slushie- yum! The kiddos rode the barrel train and jumped on the barn-sized trampoline, then we packed up and headed home. What a fantastic fall day! Needless to say, this little boy tuckered out as soon as we got in the car. And check out all that dirt on his face. Just another fun day on the farm!

Papaw's birthday

The Davidsons gathered in Cincy on Saturday to celebrate Papaw's birthday. Lots of good food, conversation, and family time- there's nothing better in my book! Ella could talk of little else than her family coming up for a party. She was so excited! Harper, well, she was too snug and comfy on Mamaw's shoulder to get excited. ha! A few of the Davidson men... We were happy to see Chris' cousin, Matt, and meet his new daughter, Rachel. Cade was all smiles getting to hang out with Uncle Kyle. Mark and his brother, Lynn Opening presents... Ella and Cade couldn't wait to give Papaw his new bike!! Happy birthday, Papaw! We love you and hope you have a wonderful year!!

Welcome, Ty Stephen!

Chad and April welcomed our sweet nephew, Ty Stephen, on Wednesday, October 12, at 9:44 pm. Isn't he such a cutie?!! He came into the world fast and furiously, as he was born only 16 minutes after they wheeled April into the delivery room! She was having some regular contractions, so they headed to the hospital to get checked out. Little did they know she was already dilated to 9 cm! According to Chad, the doctor had to jump on his motorcycle and speed to the hospital to get there in time. What a great birth story! We are so thrilled for them and love watching their family grow. I can't wait to get my hands on that precious, little man!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Harper is three months old!

Honeybee Lil' Sis Pretty girl Sweet Cheeks Lovey Cuddlebug Just a few of the names we call our precious lil' doll baby. She is such a ray of sunshine. I can't help but smile every time I look at her, even at 4 in the morning! Her gentle nature brings out an element of tenderness in all of us, and I'm so thankful God chose our family to be blessed by her sweetness.

A few of the things I want to remember about Harper at three months-

-She loves bathtime. She grins and kicks those little legs in the water. And no matter if she's in there for two or ten minutes, she "yells" at us when we get her out.
-She enjoys singing Wheels on the Bus. We usually get a chuckle out of her when the wipers go swish-swish-swish.
-She is a momma's girl. If she hears me talking, she turns that little head until she spots me. I have to admit I LOVE that.
-She is so sweet-natured that even when she's crying, she'll stop for a moment, look me in the eye and grin as if to say, "I'm sorry that I'm upset," then continue with her fussing. It is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
-She has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger. At bedtime, after we've put Ella and Cade down, we'll go in and check on Harper. If she wants out of that crib, all she has to do is give us that big, beautiful smile and, well, we are putty in her chubby hands. =)

Superhero by day...

... Scaredy-cat by night.

Our fearless, adventurous, little boy has become deathly afraid of the dark. He refuses to go upstairs by himself at night. He refuses to sleep in his own bed. If he does wind up in his own bed, he wakes up screaming about monsters at about 3 o'clock in the morning and ends up back in ours. We don't like the habit of letting him sleep with us every night (no one gets any sleep!), but the poor baby! I can't stand the thought of making him sleep in his room when he's absolutely terrified. We've tried all kinds of things, but nothing seems to be working. Anyone have any ideas? I feel just terrible for him!

Laila turns 2!

We drove to "Heavensville" on Saturday to celebrate Laila's birthday. The birthday girl was happily jumping away on her new trampoline when we arrived. Ella and Cade were so excited to get there, but Cade had a small panic attack when he thought we had brought our trampoline and were giving it to Laila. ha! After he realized his was still at home, he was fine. Happy birthday, Pretty Girl! Lexi and Laila couldn't wait to get their hands on Harper. I love the way Laila says her name with her little southern accent, "Baby Haw-per". Cracks me up! I got all emotional when I saw April and her big tummy. I don't know why, it's just what I do! What a special time in her life right now, just a few short weeks away from delivering little Ty. The kids gathered outside for the pinata. Laila trying to whack it with her broom. So cute! Carson gave it his all! I think Lexi finally knocked it down and they all raced for candy! Did you get enough, Ella?!I love Cade's face here! ha! Time for cake! Happy, happy birthday, Laila! Little peas in a pod, these two! They are so funny to watch! Jason spent some time cuddling with Harper. Chris and Jason holding each other's baby girl. These kids can stop growing any time now! Opening presents... Laila loved her new fourwheeler! Ella was happy to serve tea... Sweet picture- snuggle time between April, Ty, and Harper. Sunday morning rough-housing... Harper read the morning newspaper with Pap. =) Can you tell what they're looking at? Guns. Pap says every, little girl needs one. haha! Ella and Laila in their matching outfits. So fun!!Happy birthday, Sweet Laila! We love you bunches and bunches! And thanks for having us, Chad and April- we had a blast!