Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laila turns 2!

We drove to "Heavensville" on Saturday to celebrate Laila's birthday. The birthday girl was happily jumping away on her new trampoline when we arrived. Ella and Cade were so excited to get there, but Cade had a small panic attack when he thought we had brought our trampoline and were giving it to Laila. ha! After he realized his was still at home, he was fine. Happy birthday, Pretty Girl! Lexi and Laila couldn't wait to get their hands on Harper. I love the way Laila says her name with her little southern accent, "Baby Haw-per". Cracks me up! I got all emotional when I saw April and her big tummy. I don't know why, it's just what I do! What a special time in her life right now, just a few short weeks away from delivering little Ty. The kids gathered outside for the pinata. Laila trying to whack it with her broom. So cute! Carson gave it his all! I think Lexi finally knocked it down and they all raced for candy! Did you get enough, Ella?!I love Cade's face here! ha! Time for cake! Happy, happy birthday, Laila! Little peas in a pod, these two! They are so funny to watch! Jason spent some time cuddling with Harper. Chris and Jason holding each other's baby girl. These kids can stop growing any time now! Opening presents... Laila loved her new fourwheeler! Ella was happy to serve tea... Sweet picture- snuggle time between April, Ty, and Harper. Sunday morning rough-housing... Harper read the morning newspaper with Pap. =) Can you tell what they're looking at? Guns. Pap says every, little girl needs one. haha! Ella and Laila in their matching outfits. So fun!!Happy birthday, Sweet Laila! We love you bunches and bunches! And thanks for having us, Chad and April- we had a blast!

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