Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Jesus is cool"

I found this on the counter the other day and it made me smile. I love this girl's heart. ♥

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Mumps... in America... in 2012... looks like this.
Poor Cade. His cheek and jaw swelled right up during breakfast yesterday. The doc said, "Yep, it's mumps." WHAT??!! He's vaccinated, but I guess an atypical strain still goes around and the doc said he sees a case every couple of years. How Cade managed to catch it I have no idea, but we're thrilled he gets to be the statistic (note my sarcasm here...). This morning both sides are swollen. I hate it and feel so bad for him! Eating in general causes quite a bit of pain, but especially eating sweet/ sour things. What that means (and all that matters to him) is that Halloween candy is out of the picture this week. That's pretty hard for a three year old to understand! He's a bit bummed, but I'm not taking any chances on him hurting more than he already is. He was supposedly most contagious in the few days before he swelled (ummm, that's good to know NOW!!), so hoping and praying Ella and Harper don't come down with it, too! Please say a little prayer for him that he'll get better quickly!

Pumpkin patch 2012

 Saturday was our annual trip to Niederman Family Farm. This is a trip we and the kiddos look forward to all year. We just love that place! Family photo as we walked in-
 Mamaw, Papaw, and the kiddos
 Another on the pumpkin bench
 We posed behind as many of these as we could. I love how Cade is watching his daddy here.
 It was so blasting windy and chilly that day, so we decided to do the pumpkin patch first before the kids tuckered out in the cold. Harper is an independent woman and did NOT want to be held on that wagon ride!
 Searching for just the right one
 Come on, Buddy- you can do it! haha! I love watching this little guy try to be big and tough!
 Say pumpkins, kiddos! Harper was still on the run!
 Just sweet
 Checking out the farm animals
 Cade and Papaw feeding the goats
 This one wanted to give Cade a kiss and he jumped a mile!
 Love this little gal's giggle!
 We played on the playground.
 And Ella and Cade loved the big dirt hill.
 Papaw and Mamaw bought us some cider and homemade donuts- boy, were we in heaven!
 Cade and Papaw checking out the tractor.
 Love this! God is so good!

 Our last stop for the day- the tube swing. All seven of us were on it at one point. So fun!
Love making such fun memories with my family!!

We have wiggle!

And boy, is this gal excited to lose her first tooth!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy birthday, Papaw!

On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Papaw's birthday. The party girl was once again glammed up and ready to have fun! She loved showing off for Great-Grandma.
And all she had to do was bat a few eyelashes to get anything she wanted from Papaw. My, oh, MY!
 Lovebirds ♥
Papaw and his best buddies
 Happy birthday, Papaw!! Hope this year is terrific to you!!

EMS building dedication

 The new EMS building at Harrison County Hospital has been named in honor of Chris' grandpa, Pete.
 We were really excited to be in town Sunday for the building dedication. Ella woke up with a fever that morning, so she and I ended up skipping it (total bummer!). I was so glad Chris, Cade, and Harper were able to be there though. Pete has devoted so many years to community service while serving with Harrison County EMS, the hospital board, and Ramsey volunteer fire department. I'm honored to know him and am so thankful for the legacy and example of service he leaves to my children.
 They honored Great-Grandma, too. You know behind every strong man is a strong woman, and she has been by his side for more than 60 years!
Mamaw, Harper, Aunt Pam, and Cade
 Cade with Uncle Dave, Papaw, and Great-Grandpa

Celebrating Laila and Ty

 We headed to Evansville Saturday afternoon to celebrate some birthdays. Laila turned three this month and little Ty is already one! I was off Friday night and it felt SOOO good (and different!) to be able to go to a family party having slept the night before! So thankful for that!
Harper was all gussied up and ready to party! I can't get enough of her in those boots!
Chris, Ella, and the birthday girl
 Ty was not so sure about me being all perky and in his face. Get used to it, Buddy! haha!
 Carla, Ty, Lexi, and Harper
 Cade loved the party favors
 Kiddos' table. It was the perfect day to eat outside, too.
 Lawyer grandkids
 Happy 1st birthday, Ty Stephen!
 He was so excited!
 But not so sure about that cake! haha
 Happy 3rd birthday, dear Laila!
 Love this girl and that grin
 The youngins of the family had fun with the new toys once the big kids went on to other things. These two are so cute to watch together.
So blessed to get to spend some great time with family!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seriously cute

Harper has a little, red bracelet that she loves and wears ALL THE TIME. She also loves to have a purse hanging off her arm. If a purse isn't handy, she'll grab a bucket, basket, even a gift bag- it doesn't matter, she just has to have something to carry on that little arm. It is precious!
And yesterday she was cracking me up! I mean, who doesn't do Insanity with a purse and bracelet on her arm?! haha! I just love her little personality- such a girly-girl!

Expert project

 Ella had to pick an area of "expertise" and do a presentation to her first grade class. After much consideration, she decided to do her project on being a big sister, "because I'm really, really good at that!" Yes, she is!
She came up with a list of things she does for and with Cade and Harper, then we took pictures of her doing those things. She put her board together and practiced so hard for her speech. She was so excited and not a bit nervous. A pic of her with her poster before school yesterday-
A little closer
She came home yesterday afternoon with the biggest smile on her face. She said, "Mom, my expert project was GREAT!! It was so fun and everyone asked questions and they kept saying 'Ah, your baby sister is so cute!' I LOVED talking in front of the class!" So Ella, our shy toddler who wouldn't  dare say a peep to a stranger a few years ago, has discovered she enjoys public speaking. Needless to say, she is pretty stinkin' proud- and so are we!