Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Mumps... in America... in 2012... looks like this.
Poor Cade. His cheek and jaw swelled right up during breakfast yesterday. The doc said, "Yep, it's mumps." WHAT??!! He's vaccinated, but I guess an atypical strain still goes around and the doc said he sees a case every couple of years. How Cade managed to catch it I have no idea, but we're thrilled he gets to be the statistic (note my sarcasm here...). This morning both sides are swollen. I hate it and feel so bad for him! Eating in general causes quite a bit of pain, but especially eating sweet/ sour things. What that means (and all that matters to him) is that Halloween candy is out of the picture this week. That's pretty hard for a three year old to understand! He's a bit bummed, but I'm not taking any chances on him hurting more than he already is. He was supposedly most contagious in the few days before he swelled (ummm, that's good to know NOW!!), so hoping and praying Ella and Harper don't come down with it, too! Please say a little prayer for him that he'll get better quickly!

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Granny G said...

Oh no! I remember having the mump's. Bless his heart!