Thursday, October 18, 2012

Celebrating Laila and Ty

 We headed to Evansville Saturday afternoon to celebrate some birthdays. Laila turned three this month and little Ty is already one! I was off Friday night and it felt SOOO good (and different!) to be able to go to a family party having slept the night before! So thankful for that!
Harper was all gussied up and ready to party! I can't get enough of her in those boots!
Chris, Ella, and the birthday girl
 Ty was not so sure about me being all perky and in his face. Get used to it, Buddy! haha!
 Carla, Ty, Lexi, and Harper
 Cade loved the party favors
 Kiddos' table. It was the perfect day to eat outside, too.
 Lawyer grandkids
 Happy 1st birthday, Ty Stephen!
 He was so excited!
 But not so sure about that cake! haha
 Happy 3rd birthday, dear Laila!
 Love this girl and that grin
 The youngins of the family had fun with the new toys once the big kids went on to other things. These two are so cute to watch together.
So blessed to get to spend some great time with family!

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