Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin patch 2012

 Saturday was our annual trip to Niederman Family Farm. This is a trip we and the kiddos look forward to all year. We just love that place! Family photo as we walked in-
 Mamaw, Papaw, and the kiddos
 Another on the pumpkin bench
 We posed behind as many of these as we could. I love how Cade is watching his daddy here.
 It was so blasting windy and chilly that day, so we decided to do the pumpkin patch first before the kids tuckered out in the cold. Harper is an independent woman and did NOT want to be held on that wagon ride!
 Searching for just the right one
 Come on, Buddy- you can do it! haha! I love watching this little guy try to be big and tough!
 Say pumpkins, kiddos! Harper was still on the run!
 Just sweet
 Checking out the farm animals
 Cade and Papaw feeding the goats
 This one wanted to give Cade a kiss and he jumped a mile!
 Love this little gal's giggle!
 We played on the playground.
 And Ella and Cade loved the big dirt hill.
 Papaw and Mamaw bought us some cider and homemade donuts- boy, were we in heaven!
 Cade and Papaw checking out the tractor.
 Love this! God is so good!

 Our last stop for the day- the tube swing. All seven of us were on it at one point. So fun!
Love making such fun memories with my family!!

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