Thursday, October 18, 2012

EMS building dedication

 The new EMS building at Harrison County Hospital has been named in honor of Chris' grandpa, Pete.
 We were really excited to be in town Sunday for the building dedication. Ella woke up with a fever that morning, so she and I ended up skipping it (total bummer!). I was so glad Chris, Cade, and Harper were able to be there though. Pete has devoted so many years to community service while serving with Harrison County EMS, the hospital board, and Ramsey volunteer fire department. I'm honored to know him and am so thankful for the legacy and example of service he leaves to my children.
 They honored Great-Grandma, too. You know behind every strong man is a strong woman, and she has been by his side for more than 60 years!
Mamaw, Harper, Aunt Pam, and Cade
 Cade with Uncle Dave, Papaw, and Great-Grandpa

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