Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cade!

Our charming, fun-loving, fearless little boy is two years old today! Happy, happy birthday, Cade-bear!! It is such a joy to watch you grow and to see your personality blossom. You have such a playful, adventurous spirit and you keep us on our toes. You are also very tender-hearted and show a lot of interest in caring for others. You have given us so many precious memories and have added so much sweetness to our lives. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First soccer practice

Ella had her first soccer practice tonight. I laughed the whole time! All of these kiddos, especially my daughter, have such a mind of their own and wanted to do their own thing. It was absolutely hysterical! Huddle at the start of practice... Drills...
Action shot! One thing I can say for Ella is she's a hustler! Her daddy is going to be so proud!
Her first game is this Saturday- I can't wait!!

This is gonna' be fun!

I bought Ella a cute shirt today and also bought one for her baby sister. Ella was absolutely tickled to pieces! Until this point, she had no idea they would be able to wear matching clothes. She said, "Oh my goodness, this is going to be SO fun!"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

I got off work Saturday morning and came home to the sweetest birthday presents ever. My precious kiddos met me at the door with roses, a beautiful cake, and lots of hugs and big, wet kisses. Then we went out for pancakes. It was so fun! That evening before work, Chris cooked me dinner and they had more surprises up their sleeves. Ella and Cade gave me a very sweet Mickey Mouse birthday card...
And a couple of gift certificates- one of them for a pregnancy massage! Oh, I can't tell you how excited I am about that!!
Making some birthday wishes before we blew out the candles. I love hearing these two sing Happy Birthday. And I love that every single time we sing it, Cade pretends to blow out candles at the end. It is so sweet! You can imagine how excited he gets when it's the real thing!
I feel so, so blessed to have such a thoughtful husband and this beautiful, little family. Even though I had to work both nights, they still made the day extra special for me. The little girl in my tummy was giving me extra kicks all day, too! I love them all so much!!


One of life's simple pleasures =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

A big day

Saturday was a very big day for Ella. Her daddy took her to register for KINDERGARTEN!! I can't even think about it! This is going just way too fast for me!! And as if that weren't enough, on the way home they stopped by the Y to sign up for spring SOCCER!! Of course, they then had to go by Dick's to get her soccer gear- new shoes, shin guards, and a pink soccer ball. She couldn't wait to model her gear for me. Our little lady is beyond excited about all the fun things coming her way!

Another car-lovin' Davidson

Ella's comments as we were driving through some new car lots the other day:
"Oh my goodness! Look at that sweet red baby!"
"Now that is what I call a sharp car!"
"Man, that's a real beauty!"

I was cracking up! I looked over at Chris, who is grinning ear to ear. He says, "What? Might as well start her young!" haha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool critters

The "Critter Guy" visited Ella's preschool this morning. Cade and I were able to attend, too. It was a pretty neat experience. I was so impressed with my kiddos. A lot of the kids were too scared or nervous to interact with these critters, but neither Ella nor Cade were the least bit shy. I'm pretty sure they didn't get that adventurous spirit from me!
Checking out a blue-tongued skink...
After it had passed by her, she ran over to where Cade and I were sitting and whispered, "Mom, do you think I could hold the little guy?" I told her to ask, so when he came to us, she giggled and asked him. He was more than happy to let her and she was just tickled to pieces.
All the kids loved the Burmese python.
Then the critter guy pulled out this giant tortoise and asked if anyone wanted to come sit on it. Who was the first kid in class to raise her hand? Yep, this girl!
We also got to play with a ferret and pet a baby alligator. Ella couldn't stop talking about how "cool" and "fun" and "cute" all these animals were. Maybe we have a future "Critter Girl" on our hands?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A special treat

We had strawberries and ice cream after dinner the other night and Cade did not want his to be gone! He slurped every last drop! haha!He kept saying, "Mmmm..."
And then we got a big, "Ahhhh!" =) Such a cutie!!

Because she's crazy...

And I love it! This little girl keeps me laughing like nothing else! She is such a nut! Here she is perfecting her dance moves...

21-22 weeks

Our little gal is growing like crazy! Everything looked great at my appointment this week. Her heart rate was 160 and she was moving all over the place! I feel like my tummy is already out there so much, I can't even imagine it in a few more months! It's just about time to bust out the old maternity clothes. It's funny to me that with my first pregnancy, I couldn't wait to wear maternity clothes, and with this one, I have been trying to postpone it as long as humanly possible. I guess I know I'm going to be in them for a while!! I love this little girl so much already and am getting so excited to meet her!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sugar, spice, & everything nice...

That's what Ella and Cade's little sister is made of!! It's a GIRL!! Yay! We are so very excited! Ella loves the idea of having a baby sister. She's also having fun picking out clothes for her. She just grins and giggles when we look at tiny baby clothes. She asked, "Mom, are you sure she's going to be that small?" =) She chose this as her baby sister's very first dress. So sweet!
We feel so blessed. She looked just perfect on the ultrasound- all 12 ounces of her! Thank you, Jesus!! We found out my placenta is more anterior and that's why I haven't been feeling much movement. It's acting as a buffer for all her kicks and jabs. Knowing that puts my mind at ease a bit, too. By this time with the other two, I was feeling them all the time. I only feel this little gal a couple of times a day right now, but as she grows, I should start feeling her more and more. They confirmed we are due sometime between July 20-22. There are lots of special birthdays around that time and it's fun to think she might share a birthday with someone we love. We are more than halfway there- only 19 weeks to go!!

Gotta love cheap entertainment! =)

Sweet sleeping baby

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I love Sundays like this! We spent the day enjoying time with family. These kiddos are crazy for their video games! Cade spent some time on the trampoline...
Silly girl!
Laila took a few rides on the coaster. She loved it! Look at that face!
Bathtime! Cade could play in the tub for hours!
Ella and her Aunt April...
Cade opened an early birthday present from Chad and April- a new monster truck! Thanks, guys!
He loved torturing Ami with it! haha!
We had a blast! Come back soon!

More birthday celebration

On Saturday evening, we headed to Maggiano's with some family to do more birthday celebrating (aka eating =). Mamaw and Payton...
Daddy and his sweet girl (and crazy Payton in the background!)...Cade got to sit next to Papaw...
Chad, April, and Laila were there, too...
My handsome boy...
Happy Birthday, Daddy!!
We headed home and continued celebrating, er, eating. =) Chris had all his favorites, which led Chad to label this "Chris' Table of Trouble". haha! Gooey butter cake, eclair cake, German chocolate cake, and chocolate truffle cheesecake- it just doesn't get any better!!! Thanks for bringing along goodies, Cheryl and April!!
Of course, the kiddos couldn't wait to hit the roller coaster...
Payton's first trip- this is great!!
Everyone took a turn...
Ella spent some time hanging out with Daddy...
We had such a fun night celebrating with everyone. Thanks for being there!