Monday, August 29, 2011

Set for Kindergarten

Ella has spent the last couple of days getting everything ready for school tomorrow (!). She had a few projects to complete prior to the first day. I know, right? Homework already and kindergarten hasn't even started! One of the things she had to do was use modeling clay to make something that represents her family. She decided to make an ice cream cone, because we all love ice cream and we love to take trips to The Cone. We thought that was pretty good thinking. =) She and Chris worked on it last night, then left it out to dry. Tonight we wrote a story about it, and then she colored it with rainbow colors. She also had to draw pictures of her hopes and dreams for kindergarten. She drew a rainbow (she hopes to learn about them), a book (she excited to learn to read), a person (she wants to make new friends), a playground (she wants to play and learn new games), and ears (she hopes she'll be a good listener =). To celebrate her last day of summer, Chris took the day off work and we had a fun family day, complete with pancakes for breakfast, Skyline for dinner, and a trip to the zoo in between (pics to come!). Of course, we've talked a lot about kindergarten and how things might be a little different around here. Ella has taken everything we've said very seriously, and she is completely cracking us up with her thoughts on how kindergarten is about to change her life:

To Mamaw- I don't know if I'll ever get to talk to you again. I mean, I won't be able to talk to you at night, only on Saturdays and Sundays, because I'll be going to school every other day.

To Chris- After Tuesday, you'll probably not get to see me very much. I'll be gone all the time. I have school every day except Saturdays and Sundays!

To Cade- Buddy, you're going to have to learn to do things for yourself. I can't do everything for you anymore. I'm going to be at school, and when I get home, I'll be so busy with work that I just won't have time!

Whoa, slow down, Little Lady! We're not ready for life to change quite so much just yet! =) She was all smiles and just so excited at bedtime tonight. She's ready. As for Chris and me, we'll be the ones with big ol' tears in our eyes in the morning, so say a little prayer and just be kind to us tomorrow, would ya?

Happy kids

Maybe I'm just overly sentimental and schmucky these days- lots of big, special life moments going on- but I love catching those genuine, heartfelt, cheesy grins on the faces of my kids. It's shows me they're happy and that's important. Love the sparkle in her eyes... And can't you just hear his mischievous giggle? And Harper, well, she was being stingy today... She's was actually quite bored with it all... Seriously, Mom, put the camera down! =)

They survived!

We're happy to report the guys survived Kyle's bachelor party weekend. They even managed to smile for a picture Sunday morning! And boy, were Ella and Cade happy to have Daddy back home! Can't you see why?! haha!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday was beautiful! We spent most of the day outside. It was nice to be relaxed and not have a single thing on our agenda for the day. We played around the house in the morning, then took the trail around the neighborhood so Ella and Cade could feed the ducks. Ella rode her bike the whole way and Cade ran until his little legs could hardly hold him up. It was sunny and breezy- perfect walking weather! After nap and dinner, we headed back outside until dark. Harper and I sat on a lawn chair and watched the sun go down. Ella and Cade played hopscotch, chased lightning bugs, and raced scooters. Believe me, I had three tuckered-out kids at bedtime! It was fun (and exhausting!) being just Momma and the kiddos this weekend, but we are definitely excited for Daddy to get home today!

Our Friday night

Chris left Friday afternoon for Uncle Kyle's bachelor weekend, so the kiddos and I had an entire weekend to stay home, think up fun things to do, and PLAY! Ella and Cade were super excited. After nap, we headed outside for fun with moon dough and finger paint. Cade was delighted! Can you tell?! They were very serious about their work. Harper really wanted to play, but that fresh air just felt too good! Hard at workNever one to love getting dirty, Cade panicked a little when he realized the paint wouldn't just stay on his fingers! haha! Scary hands!! Nice work, E! More scary hands! We painted until dark, then headed straight to the bath! Ella's favorite "gross face"... Cade didn't want to be left out. haha! These kids crack me up! We had dinner sometime in there, too, and then ended our Friday with movie night. Main feature: The Little Mermaid. Until now, Ella has never really liked any of the princess movies. She is loving The Little Mermaid lately though (even though she thinks Ursula is "so naughty!"). The night ended with a precious kiddo asleep on each of my shoulders. =) SO sweet! Wish I could have somehow managed a picture of that!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A few minutes of peace

This doesn't happen very often... ... but when it does, it is SO NICE!
I'm thanking God for a few moments to spend with myself today, doing nothing but enjoying the peace and quiet. =)

So sweet!!

Yay!! Harper has been so full of grins and Daddy managed to catch them on camera! This little gal is sweet as sugar. When she looks at me with those big, bright eyes, my heart just melts! Pretty girl More smiles! Love it!! And just for fun, check out our other little gal in the same dress (it was always one of my favorites =). Ella had a lot more hair than Harper, but their faces look so much alike! You gotta love those chubby cheeks!

Nothing brings a smile to my face faster...

... than the uncontrollable giggles of my kiddos! I wish I could bottle it up and save it for a rainy day ten years down the road. =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First smiles

Harper has been giving us the most adorable smiles the last few days. And can you guess the recipient of the majority of her elusive grins? Yep, her big sister. =) It's coming... They're so quick that all I can catch is the tail end of 'em!! This is the best I could get, but trust me when I say they're awfully sweet!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A fun age

Cade is at such a fun age. Although there are plenty of times he makes me want to pull my hair out (on pretty much a daily basis! ha!), there are so many more times he cracks me up, makes me laugh out loud, and just makes my day. He is SO curious, SO daring, and just all-out BOY! There is no couch or table too tall to leap from, no bike/ car/ scooter too big or fast to crash, no cabinet or shelf too high to climb. He may be small, but his sense of adventure is huge! It's like he's already decided, at two years old, that he's going to conquer the world, and it's so fun to watch him go about it.

Some funny things I want to remember-

- When he toots, he laughs and says, "Thank you!"

- We took him shoe shopping the other day and he wanted light-up shoes. Every time we showed him a shoe (that didn't light up), he would take it, hit it against his palm, hand it back, and very matter-of-factly say, "Doesn't work."

- As we were eating pizza one night, he started bawling and pointing to his arm, "Oh no! I'm bleeding! See, Momma, see!" He had a big smear of pizza sauce down his arm and was convinced he had cut himself. haha! I laughed for a long time about that one.

- His favorite word is... NO! Followed by a close second... "'Cause!" that he manages to drag out to three syllables... Me: Cade, why did you hit your sister? Cade: 'Cau-is-uh! You're a rascal through and through, Little Buddy, but I wouldn't trade ya for the world!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My girls

Just a few short months ago... And now... Love my precious girls!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

40th anniversary/ 60th birthday SURPRISE party!

My mom and dad shared their ruby wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and my mom's 60th birthday is coming up next week, so my brothers and I decided to have one big party this past weekend in honor of both special occasions. And because nothing is more fun than catching my parents off guard (ha!), we decided to make it a surprise party. It was so much fun and turned out great. We really did manage to surprise their socks off, too! Just moments before the couple arrived... I must have just been paranoid. I was pretty sure Mom had been getting a tad bit suspicious in the days leading up to the party, but this face is complete surprise! Love it!! =)
A pic with the birthday girl
All the kiddos had so much fun playing and chasing each other. They couldn't wait to dig into dinner!One guess who kept a close eye on Harper for us... =) Jalyn was more than happy to help out, too! Jon and JoliJason and Baby Ava "Uncle Papaya" and Jeffro Love this one! We toasted the couple... ... and did a bit of roasting as well. We all laughed and laughed. Mom and Dad were awfully good sports! Cade had to take a moment to refill his hollow left leg... Mom and Dad enjoyed all the fun cards so much! Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness! Aunt Gina and Aunt Carolyn were more than happy to tease their sister. Laila and Ella took a break for some reading. Aren't they so cute?! Laila reminds us all so much of Ella at her age! Mom and Dad + forty years of marriage + four kids + seven (and little Ty makes eight!) grandbabies = our family today! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Forty years together = AMAZING! Look at these faces! These kids were having such a blast and were still so wound up after the party. This is the stuff that memories are made of! Harper chilled out with Aunt Carla... Then with Uncle Chad first thing Sunday morning... She couldn't even muster the energy to fight off the party hat! haha! Monkey see, monkey do... No wonder all these kiddos think Pap is so fun! ha!Oh my goodness!! What a super FUN weekend! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated Mom and Dad with us! They felt so special and appreciated everything so much!!