Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy birthday, Carson!

On Sunday afternoon, we headed to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Carson's 4th birthday. Ella and Cade could talk of little else on Sunday- they were so excited to go! Uncle Jason and Lexi came running to see Harper (and us! =) as soon as we got there. Ella quickly met up with the birthday boy. Cade couldn't wait to "pay gaaaames!" He grabbed Pap's hand and off they went. Of course, Pap had to get him on the Barney tractor right away. =) The "big girls" hung out and played games together... Uncle Jared was happy to share his video game knowledge... and his sarcasm. =) Cade loved this frog game... He pushed the button at just the right time on the Wheel of Fortune game and scored 55 tickets! He was jumping and squealing as they were pouring out of the machine. Here's some of his loot. So cute! Ella didn't do too shabby either! Lexi was more than happy to take care of Harper while we ate pizza. Time for cake! The birthday boy wasn't appreciating all the attention by this point. =) We did get a smile out of him when he opened his gift from Ella and Cade- a new razor scooter!! Ella couldn't wait to let him know they have matching scooters now! Happy birthday, Carson! We have enjoyed watching you grow and can't believe you're already four years old! We love you, Buddy!

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