Sunday, August 7, 2011

Couples shower

Harper experienced her first trip to Indiana over the weekend. We headed down Saturday afternoon for a couples shower for Doug and Liz, as well as to pick up our two older rascals who were lucky enough to get to hang out with Grammy and Pap for a few days last week. It was Harper's first "longer" ride in the car and she did great! She knows she's got to get used to that! We had a lot of fun Saturday night. We caught up with old friends, laughed a ton, all the while not having to chase after kiddos. That was nice! We loved getting to celebrate with Doug and Liz and introduce Harper to the extended family all at the same time.
Aunt Kellie came running to meet us. Daddy quickly grabbed up his sweet girl to show her off. Meeting Great-Grandma Martin... Mamaw and Aunt Pam Showering Doug and Liz with gifts and well wishes. We are so excited and happy for them!! Basking in more attention from Mamaw and Papaw... And from Lindsey... Chris had a ball (and put on a good show! haha!). This picture is for Kelley and Brian, for old times sake. And about that phone call... =) Thanks for having us! It was so fun!!

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JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

LOVE this post Melissa! Mom and dad have both been cracking up about the phone call. They both loved it!!!