Tuesday, August 16, 2011

40th anniversary/ 60th birthday SURPRISE party!

My mom and dad shared their ruby wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago and my mom's 60th birthday is coming up next week, so my brothers and I decided to have one big party this past weekend in honor of both special occasions. And because nothing is more fun than catching my parents off guard (ha!), we decided to make it a surprise party. It was so much fun and turned out great. We really did manage to surprise their socks off, too! Just moments before the couple arrived... I must have just been paranoid. I was pretty sure Mom had been getting a tad bit suspicious in the days leading up to the party, but this face is complete surprise! Love it!! =)
A pic with the birthday girl
All the kiddos had so much fun playing and chasing each other. They couldn't wait to dig into dinner!One guess who kept a close eye on Harper for us... =) Jalyn was more than happy to help out, too! Jon and JoliJason and Baby Ava "Uncle Papaya" and Jeffro Love this one! We toasted the couple... ... and did a bit of roasting as well. We all laughed and laughed. Mom and Dad were awfully good sports! Cade had to take a moment to refill his hollow left leg... Mom and Dad enjoyed all the fun cards so much! Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness! Aunt Gina and Aunt Carolyn were more than happy to tease their sister. Laila and Ella took a break for some reading. Aren't they so cute?! Laila reminds us all so much of Ella at her age! Mom and Dad + forty years of marriage + four kids + seven (and little Ty makes eight!) grandbabies = our family today! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Forty years together = AMAZING! Look at these faces! These kids were having such a blast and were still so wound up after the party. This is the stuff that memories are made of! Harper chilled out with Aunt Carla... Then with Uncle Chad first thing Sunday morning... She couldn't even muster the energy to fight off the party hat! haha! Monkey see, monkey do... No wonder all these kiddos think Pap is so fun! ha!Oh my goodness!! What a super FUN weekend! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated Mom and Dad with us! They felt so special and appreciated everything so much!!

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