Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday was beautiful! We spent most of the day outside. It was nice to be relaxed and not have a single thing on our agenda for the day. We played around the house in the morning, then took the trail around the neighborhood so Ella and Cade could feed the ducks. Ella rode her bike the whole way and Cade ran until his little legs could hardly hold him up. It was sunny and breezy- perfect walking weather! After nap and dinner, we headed back outside until dark. Harper and I sat on a lawn chair and watched the sun go down. Ella and Cade played hopscotch, chased lightning bugs, and raced scooters. Believe me, I had three tuckered-out kids at bedtime! It was fun (and exhausting!) being just Momma and the kiddos this weekend, but we are definitely excited for Daddy to get home today!

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