Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Friday night

Chris left Friday afternoon for Uncle Kyle's bachelor weekend, so the kiddos and I had an entire weekend to stay home, think up fun things to do, and PLAY! Ella and Cade were super excited. After nap, we headed outside for fun with moon dough and finger paint. Cade was delighted! Can you tell?! They were very serious about their work. Harper really wanted to play, but that fresh air just felt too good! Hard at workNever one to love getting dirty, Cade panicked a little when he realized the paint wouldn't just stay on his fingers! haha! Scary hands!! Nice work, E! More scary hands! We painted until dark, then headed straight to the bath! Ella's favorite "gross face"... Cade didn't want to be left out. haha! These kids crack me up! We had dinner sometime in there, too, and then ended our Friday with movie night. Main feature: The Little Mermaid. Until now, Ella has never really liked any of the princess movies. She is loving The Little Mermaid lately though (even though she thinks Ursula is "so naughty!"). The night ended with a precious kiddo asleep on each of my shoulders. =) SO sweet! Wish I could have somehow managed a picture of that!

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