Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neiderman Farm 2011

Sunday was farm day!! Ella looks forward to our annual trip to Neiderman Farm all year. In the last three years, the activities at the farm have grown so much. The first year we went it was pretty much just animals and the pumpkin patch. Last year, there was a playground and a few more activities for the kids. This year, there were even more activities and carnival rides. It was so fun! Our animal lovers chose to feed the animals first. Here they are feeding the goats with Daddy... Picture with the goats. Cade kept saying, "See, Momma, see? He's wookin' at me!" Feeding the sheep Checking out the little piggies. Cade said, "Mmm, smell dood!" haha! He's got country in his blood! Stopping to pet the cow... Harper was content to hang out with me and I sure didn't mind having her sweet, sleeping face on my chest. =) Ella in the playhouse Cade on top of the ark. Look at that blue sky- such a perfect day to spend outside! One happy girl Then we were off to the pumpkin patch. Pap would have been proud of the way Ella and Cade couldn't take their eyes off the tractor. =)Cade said the whole time that he wanted a "wittle" pumpkin. He couldn't help but squeal when he found this itty bitty one right away. Harper rested on Daddy's shoulder.Taking a break in the pumpkin patch. Love these cute kiddos! Ella searched and searched and finally found her perfect pumpkin. Chris tried to help her carry it, but she insisted on hauling it herself. Riding back to the farm... Harper enjoyed the breeze on her face. =) Showing off her loot! Love this one! There's just something about a little boy and his tractors. =) I left the camera in the car after we picked pumpkins, but we stopped to share a homemade donut and apple cider slushie- yum! The kiddos rode the barrel train and jumped on the barn-sized trampoline, then we packed up and headed home. What a fantastic fall day! Needless to say, this little boy tuckered out as soon as we got in the car. And check out all that dirt on his face. Just another fun day on the farm!

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