Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg hunt

 Once the adults kiddos recovered from the birthday party, we rounded everyone up for an egg hunt. It was chilly, but we were excited!!
 Laila made sure to let us know this was not her first egg hunt and she was an old pro at this stuff. =)
 Cade and his loot
 Excited Ella
 Ty had two eggs and he was content. Such a sweet boy!
 Ever the helpful big brother, Cade alerted Harper to another stash of eggs and even left one for her! ha!
 Since when did she get big enough to hunt Easter eggs all on her own?! ~tear~
 Everyone say Easter!
 And I had to throw this one on here- not too long after his egg hunt, our exhausted birthday boy was out like a light. What a fun-filled day!