Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day out with Daddy

Ella and Cade had a special day with Daddy this weekend while I was working. I am so thankful for a husband that will take my kids to church, out to lunch, and to do fun things all on his own and not give it a second thought. I think having time with just their dad is so important and I know it means so much to all of them. On Sunday afternoon, they headed to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. Ella was so full of stories about the day and couldn't wait to show me pictures of all the fun they had.
"See, Mom, I built a tall, tall tower!"

Chris said they were just having a ball and could have spent hours at the water tables. They both ended up completely soaked.

Exploring the treehouse. Ella declared this her favorite place in all of the museum.
Checking out the turtles...

Ella was very excited about the pictures from the ball room, "There are balls everywhere! And see this little bicycle? When you pedal, it makes the fan go. I loved it!"
"You have to watch out, because when the bell rings, all the balls fall down and you have to run and catch them!"
Trying out the treadmill...
Climbing the rock wall. Ella said, "You have to be really strong to do that!"

They stopped for some ice cream before they left. No way could Daddy say no to that!
Chris said Cade climbed into the stroller and was asleep before they finished their ice cream. That's definitely not like him!! All that playing must have tuckered him out!

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