Friday, February 11, 2011

In the spirit of love

We are having so much fun getting ready for Valentine's Day! It's a pretty big deal around here, because it's our anniversary, too! We've been decorating and crafting and making all kinds of sweet treats. Ella has a party coming up at preschool and she has been working very hard on her valentines. She handpicked one for each child and then took her time writing their names on them. This one is for her best buddy, Mia.
We've been practicing doing kind things for each other to show that we care. We wanted to do something nice for Daddy, so we decided to make him a favorite sweet treat- chocolate-covered strawberries!! We covered some pretzels and peanuts, too.
I didn't get too many pictures of the process, because it got a little messy (if you can imagine!). I'm pretty sure Ella ate more of everything than she covered!
She wanted a picture with all the finished treats. As I was about to take the picture, she said, "Wait, Mom, let me wipe all the chocolate off my face. I don't want everybody to know I was eating them!" haha! Look at the corner of her mouth- you didn't get rid of all the evidence, E!
She was SO excited to give her daddy his special surprise! She made him close his eyes and said, "These are just for you, Daddy, because we love you sooo much!"
We couldn't wait to try them out! Look at Ella's face in the background, eyes closed and all! haha!
For a little girl who's usually not too fond of strawberries, she sure loved these! She couldn't get enough!
Chris said, "Wait, I thought you said these were just for me!"
Ella's reply: "But, Dad, you have to share. These are for you, because we love you, but you love us, too, so you have to share." haha! I guess we can't argue with that logic!

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