Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

There was lots of love swirling around here on Valentine's Day. Ella and Cade were so very excited to wake up to special balloons. I'm pretty sure there is nothing more fun for a little guy than his very own balloon. This kept him entertained forever!
Ella has been on a Charlie Brown kick lately, so she was loving her huge Snoopy and Lucy balloon!
Then they opened some Valentine goody bags. Cade got his favorite M&Ms!
I said, "Cade, will you be my Valentine?" He thought for a moment and said, "No, I wanna play!" haha! That valentine stuff didn't sound as much fun! Little cutie!
Later that afternoon, my sweetheart walked in with this...
He's just the greatest! Ella said, "Daddy, you got me flowers?!!" haha! She was SO excited! Cade got some candy from Daddy, too!
Ella opened a very sweet puppy card...
And then she couldn't wait to give Daddy the special card she made just for him (Cade made Daddy a card, too, but no way was he going to pose for a picture when there was candy to be had!).
Later that night, we lined up all our valentines in front of Ella's (& Mommy's =) gorgeous flowers. Say Love you, Valentine!!

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