Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cade at 2 years

Some things I want to remember about our lovable, little boy at 2 years old-

-He gives the biggest and wettest kisses first thing in the morning. He grabs my face between his two hands, turns me to him, and goes right to the mouth! Afterwards, he just giggles. I love it!
-When you say, "Cade, let me see your muscles," he flexes those (tiny) arms, growls, and says, "Musses!" It's adorable. =)
-He asks for candy every morning after breakfast. He knows where the candy jar is and, every morning after I wash him up, he walks to it, points, and says, "Tandy?" with these big, bright eyes and a sly, little grin on his face. When I say no, he puckers his lips, hangs his head, and walks away. This is every, single morning! It's just so comical to me, because everyday he has renewed hope that I'm going to say yes (and don't worry, I'm not that mean- occasionally I do)!
-Spotting "moo-moos", "horseys", and "deep" (sheep) out the window while driving is a pretty big deal.
-When I ask him if he wants to do something, he usually answers, "Ummm... sir!" (sure)
-Everytime we see a blue car, he gasps, points, and says, "Mom, Mom- it's Dada!"
-Every night when we put him in bed, he says, "AB's", so we sing ABC's. Then he says, "Stars", so we sing Twinkle, Twinkle. Then he says, "Bible", so we sing Jesus Loves Me. After this he usually tries to talk us into "AB's" again. This always makes us smile, because it's so predictable.
-He knows blue, orange, green, star, heart, circle, square, zero, one, two, and most all his body parts by name. He recognizes many other colors, shapes, and numbers when we ask him to point them out in a picture, but isn't quite able to name them (yet!).
-When he doesn't get his way, he says, "Why?!" He has this whiny way of saying it that makes it sound like a three syllable word, like why-ee-uh?
-If we would let him, he would eat nothing but corn, olives, pickles, and berries (of any kind) for every meal. If any of those things are on the table, we have to hide them until he eats his other food, or he will refuse to eat anything else.
-He enjoys reading seek-and-find books and impresses us with how quickly he's able to find the objects in the pictures- sometimes before Big Sis!
-He loves popsicles, especially in the bath. He gets so excited, claps his little hands, and says, "Ewwa, Ewwa (Ella)- popsels in baf! Yay!"
-He gets no and yes mixed up most of the time. Some other cute things he says, "Oh, neat!", "Toooool!" (cool), "Hup you, Momma?" (help you), "I hugs" when he wants a hug, and, of course, his all-time favorite- "I do it!" =)

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Jill said...

I loved reading this. He and Kade share so much in common. This is such a fun, fun age!