Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ella and Cade's new room

Knowing we have a new baby girl on the way, Chris and I spent a lot of time trying to decide how to arrange our house, bedrooms, who's going to share with who, etc. Our fingers are crossed that our new little gal will be a better sleeper than our last two (!), but since there's no guarantee, we didn't really think it was a smart idea for Ella or Cade to share with the baby (even though Ella has volunteered many times to do so!). We do have a fourth bedroom, but we also have a lot of out-of-town company, and so turning the guest room into the baby's room was really not an option either. Sooo... we decided to turn Cade's room into the baby's nursery and put both Ella and Cade in her room. Until we started talking about it, I had honestly never even considered Ella and Cade sharing a room and I'm not even sure why. Maybe because boys and girls are so very different. Maybe because we put so much thought and effort into making Ella's room so bright and feminine and Cade's room so strong and boyish. Either way, I had never given it a thought, but once we started talking about it, it seemed like a great solution. It did take a little convincing for Ella to go along with it (and that did make me a little sad). She said, "But it will still be pink and green, right? I think we should leave the pink and green. Cade really likes pink and purple and green." We told her that wouldn't work for a boy, so she said, "Well, it's fine if you paint over the green. Why don't we paint that part blue, and then it will be pink and blue?" We finally managed to get her on board with painting the whole wall, as long as she got to help pick out the color, and the more we talked about it, the more excited she became about all the fun she and Cade will have together in their brand-new room. That being said... a final couple pictures of Ella's very girly pink and green room...
And a picture of Ella and Cade's new and super fun, yellow room!

Chris and I are really happy with the way it turned out, and, more importantly, Ella and Cade LOVE it!!! They love having all their books and puzzles in easy reach and Ella is so very proud of her "big girl" bunk beds and new comforter. Cade has a matching blue, yellow, and green comforter, and I think it's going to look so cute. He hasn't "officially" moved in yet, and will probably spend several months on the toddler bed when he does. Then we'll move Ella to the top bunk and let him take over the bottom. I'm having a hard time accepting it's no more little kids' bedrooms for these two! They are growing too fast!!

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