Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Ella and Cade woke up Sunday morning to some very special surprises outside the front door- Wow, the Easter Bunny came to visit us!! Ella was so excited to see a new gown (her clothing of choice these days) and Cade couldn't believe all the candy (or the fact that we were letting him eat it =)! A big box of Nerds! Cade got some new jammies, too! "See?" And some big boy underwear! He was SO proud of this! The rain stopped just long enough that they were able to run around the yard and collect Easter eggs. Ella's first one- Cade didn't waste any time finding some! Happy girl! Ella was being such a good big sis- instead of taking them all for herself, she kept pointing them out to Cade and letting him put them in his basket.
Cade stopped and ate a few pieces of candy out of every egg he found! ha!
What a great start to the day!
They sat inside, comparing their loot, and stuffing their mouths! I'm not sure how they didn't end up with tummy aches! The kiddos and I had made homemade cinnamon rolls on Friday to bake for breakfast Easter morning, but they were too full on candy to eat any!
Dressed up and ready for church. They looked so sweet! (And guess what lucky, little baby has a yellow flowered dress to match her big sis?! =) A family Easter shot. It was a great Easter morning. I'm so glad I stayed up instead of going to bed after work- I was so blessed by going to church with my family. We had talked a lot through the week about what Easter truly means, that it's not really about the Easter bunny and candy, but about Jesus dying on the cross to give us hope. Ella is starting to understand and that warms my heart. She ran out of her church class to show us the craft she had made. It was a representation of the empty tomb and Ella said, "Look, Mom, it's empty, because Jesus is alive!" I was thankful for so many moments that day, but that was definitely a highlight.

Chris and the kids had a great rest of the day, too. Papaw and Mamaw came up early to go to church, eat lunch, and hang out for a while. And, of course, they brought more Easter goodies with them... And there were a few tears on Easter, too (isn't this picture such a classic? haha!)... Pap and Gram showed up a little later, bringing with them a new bike for Cade! Dad found this at a yard sale and Cade thinks it's great! Now he's a happy boy! And because it was Easter, they didn't let a little rain keep them from playing outside. Ella said, "You just stick your rain boots on and you're good to go!" =) Hope your Easter Sunday was just as special!

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