Monday, April 4, 2011

Family party

Saturday evening was Cade's big family birthday party. It was such a great time! Cade is so blessed to have so many people in his life who want to celebrate him! Our handsome boy stopped for a picture in front of the cake table. Again, I love his facial expressions these days- they are priceless! We decided to go with a "Little Champ" theme, because Cade loves all things sports these days. Our neighbor made the cake- it was so neat! Baseball cookies... Big Sis looked awfully pretty for the party... The boys manned the grill (and the food was delicious!)... Cade got some lovin' from Papaw... And hung out with Uncle Kyle...After dinner, it was time for the pinata!! Give it your best shot, Cade! Ella pulled out some great pinata moves!And Payton took a turn... Cade jumped back up for another turn. He made us laugh- he wouldn't let us tie the scarf around his eyes, but he absolutely had to wear it somewhere. Taking another break with Aunt Pam and Kellie- the boy has a thing for pretty ladies!
Back up for more action- note the scarf on his head this time. Silly boy!
Payton took one final turn... Bingo!! We went back inside for cake and ice cream. Our big two year old (it's kind of hard to smile with so much candy in your cheek!)...We love you, Cade! My precious family...Blowing out the candles...
Make a wish, Buddy!
Time for presents! Payton made Cade laugh with a funny Spongebob card...The best gift of the night- a little light that spins. It's the simple things, right?
New Elmo jammies!
New Nerf balls! Check out that face!
A water worm! Can't wait to use that this summer!A Lightning McQueen car!He loves that thing!The big kids played some ball on Cade's new basketball goal...
What a fun party! The birthday boy was tuckered out and ready to call it a night, but not before he put on his new boots and pranced around a bit! haha! I love it!Sunday was more fun and lots more play time...
I call this picture "Birthday Recovery". =) What a big weekend for a little guy!
Thank you to everyone who came up to celebrate our little boy with us and thanks for all the great presents! We all had such a wonderful time and appreciate everything so much!

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Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

How fun! Happy Birthday Cade!!! I think that is the theme I am going to do for Noah's birthday this year too! He can't get enough of b-ball! Such boys! :)