Friday, April 10, 2009

The last few days...

We've pretty much just been hanging out the last few days, trying to get into some sort of routine around here (trying being the key word!). We've been talking up Easter to Ella, but, man, is it hard to try to explain the importance of Easter to a 2 1/2 year old! She seems to accept the idea of an Easter bunny a whole lot better than the idea of Jesus dying on a cross. However, we saw the Easter bunny at Walmart this morning, and Ella decided she didn't want him to bring her any candy. He was too scary! :) Her innocence is just so sweet and special.
Here she is getting ready to color some eggs...
I'm not sure who was more excited- Ella or Daddy! :)
"Say cheese, Mommy!"
Ella with the finished product. Way to go, Ella! They're beautiful!
Some more fun this week. Ella has been super inspired by this season's "Dancing with the Stars". She puts on her "clappy shoes" and "pretty dress" and let's loose! Look at that fancy footwork! What a cutie!
And I can't post on here without a picture of Cade or I'm sure I would hear about it. :) Here is our little sweetie, doing what he does best- sleeping! He is so tiny and precious, and we can tell he has gained a little weight (even though he is still such a little peanut!). The boy is ravenous and would eat every hour if he could. He's got some toughening up to do if he wants to hang with big sis! Right now though, I'll take this little sweetheart anyday (I just wish Ella would stop bouncing her yo-yo ball off his head when I'm not looking!).

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