Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st grade

 I can't believe our baby girl is starting first grade!! She is getting too big too fast! This will be her first year of all day school and with that comes a whole new set of emotions for this momma. Her first day outfit was a big deal and we spent quite a while last night figuring it all out, right down to her purple shrug and what necklace and bracelet she would wear. =) She was up and ready so early this morning. One excited, little girl!
Backpack as big as her!
 Another one from this angle
 And another just because she's cute!
 Cade wanted one with his big sis. He missed her so much today! He started asking before lunch if it was time to go pick her up and then asked over and over throughout the afternoon. He is not going to know what to do without her all day!
Ella had a good first day and I'm soooo grateful for that! I was a little nervous for her. This is my and Chris' first experience with a huge school system and we're not so sure about it yet. Not only does Ella have a new teacher and new principal this year, but she's not in class with a single kid from last year. It's pretty much like starting at a brand new school. Plus, her teacher that she loved so much last year and was looking forward to "hugging in the hallway" is not returning this year. All of those things combined were making her a bit apprehensive about the start of school. When I picked her up at the end of the day, I was so happy to see a big smile on her face. When I asked her about her day, she said, "It's fun! I really, really liked it." Sweet relief! Thank you, God, for hearing a momma's prayers!!

Some other things she said about her first day:
  • She had two recesses!
  • She saw Fiana (a friend from last year) on the playground. She also saw Graham and Natalie (more friends from last year) in the hallway and Payton in the restroom.
  • Lunch was really fun, but she only had time to eat three and a half crackers and then the teachers told them to throw everything away. She didn't even get to drink all of her milk and felt like that was wasteful. =) When they got back to the room, they had to draw a picture of what they ate for lunch, so she just drew three crackers.
  • They did math in the afternoon and it was so easy.
  • Everyone sat in a circle and Mrs. Seal (her teacher) passed a stuffed animal seal around the circle. Everyone got to say their favorite memory from the summer. Ella said her favorite memory was being in Florida and swimming in the pool at night.
So thankful for a good first day! Here's to hoping for many more happy first grade memories (and some healthier lunches, too!)!!

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