Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just the two of us...

Chris and I took off last week to Florida. After much hem-hawing around, we decided on Clearwater Beach, because it supposedly has the most sunny days of any city in the U.S. If you know our history of vacations, you know we get rained on no matter where we go and regardless of the month, season, etc. We both wanted to do nothing but sit in the sun. Well, once again this year, the sun was just not in our cards. You have to laugh, because that is just the way it usually is for us. We had a great week nonetheless, and we both managed to end up with sunburns anyways. Who knew you needed sunscreen when the sky is gray and pouring rain? Here's a few pics from the couple minutes of dry weather we had.

While we were on vacation, Ella had her own fun holiday with the grandparents. She has been talking for days now about the "ucky totes" (the yucky goats), the horses, the bird, the pup, Payton, Lexi, and baby Carson. Here's a few pics of her helping with the animals.

Just a cute pic of Ella hanging out with her buddy, Payton.

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