Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a fun weekend!

My mom and dad came to see us this weekend. We had such a wonderful visit and really enjoyed our time with them. As great as it is to see our family when we go home, we never seem to get to sit and visit with each other the way we do when they come to see us. Ella had so much fun with Grammy and Pappaw and, of course, was horribly upset when they left (understandably so, because she gets away with all kinds of things that don't usually fly when she's here with just Mom and Dad).

Here she is breaking the rules with Pappaw- she's not supposed to get this close to the water (and she knows it!). But of course when she asks, Pappaw says, "Sure!" They spent lots of time throwing rocks in the water- sounds like a blast, huh? Not sure why, but she loves to do that!

Helping Grammy open her birthday presents

We took Mom to Mitchell's Fish Market for her birthday dinner. It was so good!!!! And so fun! Ella was such a good girl, too. She sat in a big girl chair and ate a ton- not much of her own food, but everyone else's. :) Tonight she discovered she really likes french fries dipped in tartar sauce.
Isn't this such a great picture?!!
A last pic of Ella about an hour after Grammy and Pappaw left. She missed her nap and was exhausted!! She took one lick of her ice cream cone, handed it back to me, then laid her head over and went to sleep. She is so absolutely precious. :)

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The Utley Crew said...

What a fun weekend. I miss you all!! :( Love the pic of your parents! :) Doesn't this time of year make you want to get ready for a football game and eat some grits. The local HS kicked off football season this past Friday, and I was almost in tears.

Anyways, I hope this week gets better with each day for Ella! Maybe I should send Abby to you for a few weeks, that would pull Ella right out of her shell, or scare her to death...not sure which! haha! I wish Abby would have at least a little reserve with strangers. She tells all our business. haha!