Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Ella's words...

Conversation in the bathtub tonight... Ella was playing with a yellow duck...

Mommy: Ella, what do you think ducks like to eat?
Ella: Ummm, probably spaghettios or something...
Mommy: Do you think ducks like to eat fish or bugs?
Ella: No way! That would be gross-o!!
Mommy: What do you think ducks like to drink?
Ella: Apple juice, or maybe lemonade, because that would match. (She's all about matching these days!)
Mommy: What about a bunny rabbit, what does he eat?
Ella: He probably likes pineapple and cheerios the best.
Mommy: And a cow, what does he like?
Ella: Umm, he likes to eat spaghetti and peas and milk. He likes spaghettios, too, and if the duck ate all the spaghettios, the cow would probably just have to kick him! (??!!)

I love conversations with her and getting to hear how her little mind works. And no, we don't kick each other in our house for eating all the spaghettios!! :)

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