Thursday, March 5, 2009

Turning 30!

Somebody in our house turned the big 3-0 this week! It was a special day for all of us. Ella and I got to take Chris out for lunch that afternoon, which in itself was so great. And the afternoon seemed to drag on forever while we waited for Chris to get home from work- we were so excited to celebrate!
Finally, Daddy's home!!!
Ella passed the time taking pictures while I cooked birthday dinner- fried chicken with apple pie for dessert. Yum- It doesn't get any better than that at our house!!
Ella's silly antics were cracking us up over dinner...
Time for birthday candles!! Ella thought it was just too much fun, so we lit them a second time so she could blow them out again.
Helping Daddy open his gifts...
"See, Daddy? This is for you! It says Happy Birthday!" :)
Trying out Daddy's new cologne...
I didn't get a picture of Ella with her "favorite Daddy present"- his birthday balloon. :) When I first asked her what we should get Daddy for his birthday, she said, "A big balloon! He would just love it and be so happy!" I thought that was pretty sweet- that would obviously be pretty special to her, so why wouldn't everyone else want a balloon, too?! So she picked out a balloon and carried it into him at work. She was very proud, especially when Daddy thought is was SO great! Then after lunch, Ella said, "Okay, Daddy, let me have my balloon back. I'm taking it home." hahaha!
We're looking forward to the weekend. A bunch of family is coming to town to celebrate and it's going to be tons of fun!

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