Friday, June 19, 2009

Early Father's Day

We had a mini-celebration for Father's Day last night since we won't be together this weekend. I am working, Chris is traveling to see family. Kind of a bummer, but so it goes. Anyways, Ella and Cade adore their Daddy. Ella loves to help him around the house, whether he's mowing, putting something together, or tooling around the garage. She always right there with him, getting dirty, and saying, "Daddy, you're my buddy!" :) I'm sure Cade will be the same way in a few years. Right now though, he perks up whenever he hears Chris' voice, strains his neck trying to figure out where he is, and just starts kicking and waiting for Daddy to come pick him up. It's pretty sweet.

Ella loves surprises and wanted to surprise Daddy with something (for his "happy birthday father's day" as she called it), so she helped pick out a new pair of Oakleys for him. I think he was pretty excited!!
Daddy and his little man (his little diva refused to be in a picture :)...
I am so thankful my babies have such a wonderful, generous father and example of what a godly man should be. Chris loves me and our kids so much. He always puts us first, but also works extremely hard for our family. I hope someday they will come to realize how fortunate they are to have him for a dad. I love you, Baby!! Happy (early) Father's Day!

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