Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the move

Have I mentioned that our little man is on the move?! He's everywhere! The week of Christmas, he was "officially" crawling (with belly up) just 2-4 steps at a time. Last week, he would go a little further, maybe 6-8 steps, at a time. This week, however, not only is he crawling all the time, but pulling up on everything!
Case in point (and trust me, Sis wasn't very happy about this!)...
He chases Ella all over the place, which she thinks is just great, and gets into absolutely anything he wants.
He hasn't quite figured out how to sit back down yet. This has resulted in a few late night cries for help, where he's been standing up in his crib and "stuck". :) He's also gathered a few bruises (check out the top picture again and look at the right side of his face) from just letting go and falling. Poor baby! He does sometimes balance for 2-3 seconds before falling though. I'm sure he will be cruising in no time!

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