Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ella turns six!

Yes, I realize Ella turned six almost a month ago and trust me when I say that being that far behind on my blog stresses me out! ha! Well, I guess since Ella's birthday celebration went on for about three weeks, I'm not really a whole month behind. Anyways, our spunky gal is now six and, even though six sounds so much older, it wasn't as hard on me as it was when she turned five (yes, her birthday is also all about me here! ha!). Ella is becoming quite a little lady and has such a warm, creative, and thoughtful spirit. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but is also (finally) learning to control her quick tongue. I hear her telling Cade all the time, "You should have thought about that before you said it- your words should be helpful not hurtful." I think she's heard it a time or two. =) She continually surprises me with her logic and practicality. In nursing, we learn to solve problems by looking at the bigger picture, and I'm constantly amazed how well Ella can do that and critically think through a problem. It's exciting to think about where her talents will lead her. She loves her brother and so enjoys his company, though all the while reminds him that she's three years older and therefore, many years wiser. And though she dotes on her baby sister and spoils her rotten, she has decided she will never get married and have kids, because "someone has to live with Mom and Dad!!" =)
Her kindergarten class celebrated her birthday with a song and gift. Because there are so many food allergies in the class, no one is allowed to bring food. Instead, parents are invited to read the birthday child's favorite book. My other pictures from school didn't turn out, but it was fun and Ella was so excited to have me there.
Here she is leading the class in the birthday song.
Ella requested chicken tortellini for dinner. We surprised her with an ice cream birthday cake for dessert! 
 Happy birthday, Dear Ella!!

 Love these three!
Ella couldn't wait to open presents and Cade was more than happy to help. 
This girl is crazy about word searches and was excited to get a whole book of them.
Ella had not really asked for anything specific for her birthday, though she had let us know many, many times that she would love to have a DS one day. Surprise, Ella- today's the day!!
Happy girl
Then she opened Mario and was in heaven! Look at that face!
Happy 6th birthday, Ella! You are a special gift and Mom & Dad love you so, so much!!

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