Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seagrove Beach

 We been to lots of places in Florida, but none as beautiful as Seagrove Beach. We stumbled upon this place online, and actually thought we were heading to Santa Rosa Beach, but ended up being a few miles down the road in Seagrove. These little beach towns are all just a couple of miles apart and all so quaint. And we couldn't get over the beaches- they are just gorgeous!
A rainbow welcomed us to town.
After a long ride in the car, we were more than ready to check out the beach!!
{Insert loads of squeals and giggles here}
Harper wasn't sure about that sand and water on her toes. =)
Gram & Pap were excited to be there, too!
View from our balcony one morning
Ready for a beach day!
My little heartbreaker =)
 We spent lots of time relaxing and playing in the sand.
 Papaw was the construction supervisor. =)
We buried Ella in the sand while she just giggled.
Harper enjoyed the sea breezes on her face.
Then she and I worked hard to fill our bucket.
She had a blast in that sand that day until she decided to put a handful in her mouth! Her (and my) beach time came to an abrupt end! ha!
Happy girl
 Some shots of the beach. I took so many of these because it was just so beautiful.

 Harper liked pool time quite a bit better than beach time! Or maybe she just liked all the special attention from her daddy. =)
 Relaxing poolside
Cade is absolutely fearless in the water. He loved showing us all of his pool tricks. No telling how many times I heard, "Watch this, Mom!"
Just a fun one
My favorite shot of the beach
 I loved watching these two.
 Most definitely one of God's most amazing creations and most definitely our new favorite spot in the Sunshine State. We can't wait to go back!!

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