Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Chris and I celebrated nine years of wedded bliss in February. We were hoping to celebrate by heading out of town for a couple nights, just the two of us, and then a friend of his from college invited us to meet them in Chicago for the weekend. Perfect timing! We had reservations at Chicago Cut for Saturday night. It was a great night. The conversation was entertaining. The steak was delicious. But the best part? Not having to settle arguments, pick food up off the floor, or apologize to other diners for a screaming baby. =) Just being able to sit and enjoy the good company= wonderful.
On Sunday morning, we decided on brunch at Yolk. The place was hopping and we waited for a table for over an hour, but since there were no fussy kids, it didn't matter! I ordered pumpkin roll french toast. It was amazing! And so pretty that I took a picture. Doesn't it make you hungry??
 Chris and his college roomie, Jason.
 Jason and Jenny headed back to Wisconsin that afternoon. Chris and I spent the day walking up and down Michigan Avenue. We shopped a little bit, drank coffee, stopped for treats. I loved this special time with my man.
 The city was beautiful as the sun started to set.
 Sunday night we found a small Italian place for dinner called Osteria Via Stato. They just kept bringing us all this wonderful Italian food- eight courses in all!- and then gave us free dessert. I felt bad because we had so much left over, but it was so fun!
We took our time heading south on Monday. I sure love my kiddos, but I miss time with my husband. I treasured these three days together, being able to talk, hold hands, and just be young, carefree, and in love. Cheers to 9 great years, Baby!

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