Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy's Day

My sweet husband and kiddos actually turned Mother's Day into a whole Mommy's weekend and they spent the time doing nice things for me. It was extra special! Saturday we spent most of the day outside, going for a long walk, and playing together. Then we went to church and out to dinner. Yesterday, we went out to breakfast and then packed a picnic to take to the park. It was so nice to just enjoy our time together, just being, and not have to look at the clock or worry about housework or what to have for dinner. Thanks, Honey, for such a wonderful, peaceful weekend!
Some fun photos from the park...
Chris took this picture with his phone. I think it is so neat!

Cade was absolutely wiped out from all the fun!
A quick picnic lunch...
Back to playing...
We only managed to get one picture of me and my babies the whole weekend. We were too busy having fun!!
I know Mother's Day is supposed to be for celebrating moms, but I couldn't help but celebrate my children, too. I celebrate the fact that God, in His infinite goodness, handpicked Ella and Cade to be my children, just as He handpicked ME to be their mommy. I love them more than life, and it doesn't matter if I'm worn out or less-than-perfect, they love me right back. That in itself is a miracle and, for that reason and so many others, I am a very thankful mommy.

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The Utley Crew said...

Awe...glad you had a GREAT Mother's Day!

Ella-LOVE your hair! What a big girl! Little Gym ROCKS, doesn't it!? :) Glad you had fun!