Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family visits

It's been a busy week around here, but we've had such a great time visiting with lots of family. We didn't make it home over the Fourth because I had to work, so Papaw and Mamaw came up to see us on Sunday and cooked us a great dinner. Thanks, guys, it was awesome!! And it was so good to see you, even though the visit was too short!
Grammy and Lexi also came up on Sunday to spend a few days. It's always so nice having Mom around. She makes my life a lot easier while she is here, letting me sleep in and put my feet up a bit. I appreciate her help so much and, of course, the kids get super spoiled when she comes to town. :)
We were excited to have Lex here, too. She and Ella are such big buddies and are constantly doing things that make each other laugh. They pretty much act like sisters and have a ton of fun together, despite their six year age difference. Sometimes they fight like sisters, too, but I guess that is all part of it. haha! Come back soon, Lex!

On Tuesday, my cousins Emily, Joli, Jalyn, my aunt Phyllis, and Emily's two boys, Aidan and Keenan, traveled up from Lexington to see us. We were thrilled to have them here for the day. Ella and Aidan have only seen each other a couple times, but took to each other right away. Still tonight, Ella was thanking Jesus in her prayers that Aidan and Keenan got to come to her house to play. :)
Look at them holding hands, aren't they the sweetest?
Lots of fun in the sun...
Joli and Jalyn are never happier than when they have a baby in their arms :)
We tried to round the little ones up for a picture, but this was the best we got (with me in the middle)...
I'm always so thankful when we get to spend time with family. I only wish it happened more often. You're all invited back anytime!!

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