Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Princess tent

We spent most of the morning playing in Ella's princess tent (thanks again, Aunt Pam!). Ella kept saying, "Hurry, hurry, save the princess!" She would run in the tent and hide, waiting for the "tickle monster" to "save" her. haha. Then she decided the tent was a princess school and she was (of course) the teacher. She's so creative and it's really fun watching her use her imagination.
Anxiously awaiting someone to come "save" her... :)
"Welcome to the Princess School!"
Teaching her animals...
Cade kept pretty entertained with all Ella's silliness. Daddy won't be happy, but he fit in pretty well with all the green and pink!
Being goofy together...
Am I a lucky mommy or what?!

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