Monday, July 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We spent a lazy Sunday with Kyle, Kellie, and Payton yesterday. It was great to see them and celebrate the fact that both Kyle and Kellie got new jobs this week!! Yea!! Plus, the kiddos got some fun play time together.
Cade and Kellie relaxing outside...
Kyle and Payton taking a break for a snack...
"P Money" rapping and showing off his dance moves...
Check this one out! :)
For as much as these two pick on each other sometimes, there's a lot of love there, too!
Letting their bellies relax after a big dinner... haha!
So cute!
Come back soon, guys!!

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The Utley Crew said...

FUN! Look at Ella and Peyton and Lexi and Ella....SO sweet! And, Cade is a DOLL. He looks more like Chris all the time! :) I miss your family, too! We HAVE to get together SOON!