Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ella and I were talking the other night about all her favorite things. She has a cute way of saying something is her favorite- she prefaces it with "My favorite color", such as "My favorite color game is Candyland." Everything is her "favorite color (blank)" even though she's not talking about a color. I think it's so fun hearing her put words together to get her point across.

This is a list of her "favorite color" things while she is three. :)
Game: Candyland
Color: pink
Cartoon: Dora
Store: Walmart (?!)
Car: red
Song(s): Twinkle Star and Bitsy Spider
Drink: pop
Food: popsicles
Book: I Love You All the Time
Thing to do outside: feed the geese my fruit loops
Thing to do with Mommy: play games
Thing to do with Daddy: play ball

And a few of her cute little sayings these days-

"I can't know how" = I don't know

"I can't know what you said again" = I don't know what you said

"My nose is ruffed up" = nose is stuffed up

"Play pinch and ball" = play pitch and catch

"Don't mess up me" = don't mess me up

I asked her last night what she was going to be when she grew up, and she said..... "Mommy's little girl". (I know, I know, I should have warned you to get the tissue!)
So sweet.


The McAfee's said...

i love what they say!! it makes me smile!!

The Utz Family said...

That is so sweet!