Friday, August 14, 2009

King's Island

Sunday we went to King's Island. It was our first time this summer, and we had so much fun, like always! Ella was so excited to be there and got to ride some things she wasn't tall enough for last summer. We managed to pick the hottest day of the summer, I think, and it was a little hard on Cade. It made us realize not getting season passes this summer was probably a good choice, even though we have regretted it a few times. There is just no way I could take both kids by myself the way I took Ella last year. Maybe next year we'll think about it again.

Look who came to greet us as soon as we walked in (Ella wouldn't get anywhere close to her though! haha!)...
Aww, kind of got me that this year we have a little foursome in front of the fountains... :)
Ella's favorite ride was the Swiper cars. She probably rode them 5 or 6 times and screamed the whole way every time!!
The Giggle Coaster, which scared her last year, was another one she loved this year. I think Chris is even enjoying himself here!
The Backyardigan swings...
Jared and Katie were tons of fun to have around and were so much help with the kids. Thanks, guys!
Ella just loved being there and kept giving us hugs. :)
Sad to say, but I only rode two rides that weren't in kiddyland. I was so excited to ride Delirium with Katie, but once I got on there, I was scared to death! I used to love roller-coasters and thrill rides, but all I could think while I was hundreds of feet in the air was 'If I fall out of this ride, my kids won't have a mom'. I know, it's kind of silly, but I guess that's how motherhood changes you and always makes you think about how something will affect your kids. Either that or I am getting old! Anyways, we had a great time and have promised Ella we will take her another time or two before the season ends. We love watching her have so much fun!!

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