Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter eggs

I found these Resurrection Eggs at the Christian bookstore. They are such a neat way to teach Ella about the true meaning of Easter. Each egg has a token highlighting different parts of the Easter story and Jesus' crucifixion. I love the fact that she has something real to hold in her little hands as I read each part of the story. I think it makes it that much more real to her.
Studying the crown of thorns
She said, "Mommy, it's the cross!"
She was so in tune with the story and was very emotional as we read about Jesus being crucified for us. She said, "But, Mommy, I love Jesus. I don't want Jesus to die." And as we read about the stone being rolled away from the tomb and the tomb being empty, she said, "I knew it! I knew Jesus was alive! He's alive!"
What a precious, little moment God gave me to teach her about His love for us. I'm so thankful for her pure and open heart.


The McAfee's said...

aww! those are neat! where did you get them?

Chris and Melissa said...

I found them at Family Christian Store. I also saw them at Hobby Lobby just a couple days ago.