Friday, March 12, 2010

In good company

I have so many pictures from the past week. We have had company every single day for 8 days and it has been so much FUN!! Last weekend, Papaw and Mamaw came up and kept the kids for us, so Chris and I could go out for his birthday. We are so appreciative of that!! Kyle, Kellie, and Payton came up on Sunday and we had a nice dinner and lots of fun, once again celebrating Chris' bday.
Enjoying a carrot

The only look I could get from P-Money

On Monday, Jared and Katie came up with her family to go to Ikea. We hung out for a little bit, and Jon and Donna treated us to lunch.
Cade quickly made a new buddy.
Tuesday afternoon, Jason, Carla, and Carson came by, because they were in town again to meet with their builders. The kids got out to enjoy the pretty weather. Ella was so excited to see Carson, but all Carson could think about was the "tractor" in the garage (Chris' riding mower :).

On Wednesday, Jared and Katie came back up to spend a couple days of their spring break with us. We feel pretty honored that two college kids would think we're that much fun. =) It's been great having them around and Ella and Cade have been totally spoiled.

They were brave enough to accompany me to Bananas Jump. Ella had a ball and we all had some good laughs.

At our favorite local eatery, "Rancho". They loved it, too. =)

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