Friday, May 7, 2010

Backyard picnic

It's been so beautiful the last few days and we've been out enjoying it. Yesterday, we went for a long walk, played on a new playground, and had a backyard picnic. Ella loved it and asked, "Can we do this everyday?"
Ella thought it would be a good idea to feed some cheese to the ants. She kept going over and checking on them...
Cade grinned and laughed the whole time, especially when I about had a heart attack when the world's biggest spider was crawling on my arm!! I jumped up and was trying to kill it with Ella's shoe and he just laughed and laughed. =)
He's so funny. Thought I'd throw this one in, too. This is his, "What, Mom? I can't hear you!" pose. haha!
Poor little buddy has been running a 102 fever since last night and has been pulling at his ears. Thinking, of course, that he may have an ear infection, I took him to the doctor this morning, but his ears are perfect and his strep test came back negative. I was more than happy about all that, but he is still feverish and miserable. Please say a little prayer that he'll be all better soon- he has a big Disney vacation coming up in just a few days!!

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