Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation: the last of 'em

Too many additional cute ones not to share! We had dinner one night at Ponce Inlet Harbour, where the ocean meets the St. John's river. It was beautiful!
During dinner, several dolphins swam up really close to the deck of the restaurant. It was absolutely incredible! Of course, my camera was never fast enough to get a picture, but the sunset is gorgeous anyways.
The day we left the beach, we went to eat at Vince Carter's new restaurant for a late lunch (per Jared's request).
And what do you know? Vince Carter just so happened to walk in about ten minutes after we sat down! We were pretty much the only table in the whole place. Jared was in heaven!!
We spent the day Friday around the pool. Our resort in Orlando was fabulous and had all these fun, little fountains for the kids.
My little pool boy =)
While we were swimming, we looked over and watched the Atlantis shuttle launching from 48 miles away. Pretty amazing stuff!
Cade taking a break with Pappaw. Look at him waving- what a sweetie!
Dinner at Benihana's. Chopsticks, anyone?
It was such a fun night. Ella and Cade both loved the food and Cade said, "Woooowwww!" the entire time the chef was cooking. We were all cracking up. They even brought Ella and Dad ice cream and sang Happy Birthday in Japanese.
Pluto in hand and ready to fly the open skies...
Already an old pro at flying. All she needs are her sweet-tarts and an iPod and she's good to go! =)

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The Utley Crew said...

Oh, Melissa...I am so jealous of your vacation! :) What a BLAST!!! You all look great and happy, and I love seeing your parents...just LOVE all of them!! Miss you all so much!!